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Dial a Pizza | Interesting IVR Application

800PBX Inc., USA has a very interesting IVR product. This is essentially an IVR Application that uses voice recognition for receiving customers calls and taking orders for pizza!

I found this quite interesting! Many a times, occasional Pizza eater like me, when I call up Domino’s Pizza, I get stumped by many jargn as well as various option and find no clue how to answer and prefer to hang up! But with Dial A Pizza (Restaurant) IVR Application will be of great help for people like us who will be able to listen the menu again and again ( which is not possible while talking to a live agent.) and try to understand and order the correct pizza.

800PBX offers toll free numbers too as the name suggests! They have offices in USA as well as in India. They have hosted IVR solutions.

Recent news article about 800PBX appeared on TMCNet.com from where I also got this information. Interesting quote as per the above article:

“A lot of automation is possible in the hospitality vertical,” said 800 PBX CEO Manohar Chapalamadugu. “It’s not just cost-driven, but quality enhancing as well.”
800 PBX Inc. provides virtual PBX and hosted IVR applications for both small and medium sized enterprises. 800 PBX specializes in IVR solutions like automated appointment scheduling, telephone orders, address captures and phone support systems.”’

For further reading or the full article, you can click here.

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  • Shailender March 15, 2009, 7:25 am

    This is indeed an interesting IVR application. Likewise may be, Movie Tickets, or any departmental store can have efficient home delivery using an IVR.

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