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Detecting Worldwide IVR Platform Installation Errors

Detecting Worldwide IVR Platform Installation Errors – How In-Country Live Quality Assurance Testing Identifies This Serious But Common Occurrence

Global companies are increasingly turning to telecommunications solutions to drive collaboration amongst colleagues, customers and partners. These companies entrust their customer experience (travel reservations, banking, shopping, medical, etc.) to an IVR Solutions partner.

Instead of proactively verifying that all Worldwide IVR Platform installations are properly completed, thereby eliminating negative customer experiences, IVR companies rely solely on customers to report any Worldwide IVR Platform installation errors. This lack of quality assurance testing by the IVR companies jeopardizes your customer retention & revenues.

There are a number of pitfalls looming for any company that relies on Worldwide IVR Platform installations. These pitfalls negatively impact customer retention and revenue. Avoiding them at all costs is essential. Quality assurance testing provides solutions so that these costly mistakes can be avoided.

Testing Done by Computers – Even though the global economy seems to be running in a virtual world, computers are not always the best option for delivering high quality customer experiences. Most IVR companies rely solely on computer testing to determine whether or not Worldwide IVR Platform installations are operational before delivering to customers. While computers may be able to detect a connection from switch to switch in a far removed campus environment, they cannot determine the In-Country customer experience, or if other call quality issues are present. Computer testing fails to identify a majority of IVR Platform & Quality of Service issues. As a result of the minimal testing performed by the IVR Companies and their local carrier partners, your company is faced with service issues, failed calls, destroyed sales efforts, wasted employee time, and lost revenues.

Solutions – The first step to fixing these problems is discovering them. Having human technicians making live Quality Assurance test calls from within the country where your IVR Platform was recently installed ensures that the IVR Platform is fully operational, and that the customer experience will be a positive one when the platform comes on-line.

In-Country Live Human Testing from the countries where your IVR Platforms are installed provides immediate feedback on a number by number basis, where and what any problems are, if there are any telecom problems within that country, and prevents Quality of Service issues.

For global companies whose day-to-day business operations depend on successful customer experiences, it is imperative that their newly installed Worldwide IVR platforms are In-Country quality assurance tested in order to avoid negative customer experiences and lost revenues.

About Global Telecom Testing, LLC
Global Telecom Testing, LLC performs In-Country Live Telephone Number & IVR Platform Testing in 185 Countries. Human testers make Live outbound originating test calls from Worldwide cities verifying that newly provisioned international telephone numbers and IVR Platforms are operational prior to delivery to customers, and also provides rapid service ticket resolution.

Common QoS (Quality of Service) issues discovered by GTT’s In-Country Live Testing are improper carrier provisioning, improper passcode designation, incorrect language, improper message authentication, echo, static, post dial delay, network inaccessibility, carrier activation failures, etc….

Global Telecom Testing LLC, was founded in 2007 to provide reliable testing services for Global companies for their toll, toll-free, VOIP, DID, Voip on Mobile, and international telephone networks by providing Worldwide, in-country, live quality assurance testing.

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