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CTI ( Computer Telephony Integration) Market down in India ?

Recently, one of my friends called me up after many months and lamented that CTI market seems to be down in India. While it was exactly not surprising to me, but still I was wondering how could he complaint such a thing as he sells almost any CTI Board brands which are available in the market.

Few years ago, I used to notice many CTI vendors putting up stalls at various Telecom Shows being held in various cities in India. I used to wonder at that time, there are so many CTI vendors, may be, IVR market will surely see a boom in India. While usage of IVR has diversified now. Not so long ago, VAS ( Value Added Service) in India was so hyped that, people used to think usage of IVR only in Voice based VAS.

Biggest CTI vendor, Dialogic seems to be active majorly in African Continent where VAS seems to be booming now as an emerging Telecom Market. I can see many CTI Support engineers as well as VAS Marketing people now posted in African countries.

So, I think there are majorly two reasons why CTI market in India may be on decline:-

1. Rise of Cloud Telephony or Hosted IVR Service

Following worldwide trend, Cloud Telephony has picked up in India too. India has seen couple of serious hosted IVR Company started in last three years apart from few existing one.

Most of these new Hosted IVR companies use low cost CTI boards in order to pass on cost benefit to their customers. Also, many young entrepreneurs seem to like Linux more than Windows. So, Asterisk based CTI Boards were their favorite. So, net turnover of CTI boards may have gone down due to their low cost. They are low cost as they do not have on-board DSP and uses computation power of host Computer.

2. Shrinking of VAS Market

Finally, hype around value added service in telecom industry in India has worn off. Also, VAS had a shelf life mst probably which it had outlived. Many companies jumped into VAS, both voice and SMS, investing in CTI boards.

So, after demise of VAS market in India, I think, slow down or decrease of CTI Hardware sales is quite normal.

So, now only cloud telephony service providers as well as on-premise IVR usage may be able to revive sales of CTI boards in India.

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