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I have not been blogging about IVR ( Interactive Response System) for almost five years now. Recently, I have taken up an consultancy work on “Clout Telephony” project, so I was checking this blog. I have realised that, though I have not been adding any new blog post, this blog has still been getting read by people in IVR world as well as cloud telephony.

Many things have changed in the last five years. One notable change for me is disappearance of “Dialogic”. Once upon a time, Dialogic was almost synonymous with IVR. Once texting and chatting appeared in telecom domain as entertainment or ‘time pass’ activity, but have become dominant tool as customer service tool.

I posted two articles about “How to set up Cloud Telephony Company in India in 2015″, and now it seems, there are many Cloud Telephony companies in India. Its good to see that the VC funded Start Ups in 2012 are now established cloud telephony companies today. Though, when checking their products and services, not much innovations have taken place or not many new services have been added. It seems, the scale have gone up and prices have also gone up. But then, its difficult to do innovation in telecom world where most innovations are taking place in smartphones and data domain, voice seems to have been relegated to non-priority area.

The boom in Cloud Telephony in India seems to be in line with industries though. While speaking to one CTI vendor in India, it seems , on-premise IVR setup is almost died down. No wonder, CTI manufacturer are closing down. Most probably, advent of SIP, VOIP and voice over Text Messaging platforms like WhatsApp have CTI hardware almost non redundant.

4G and low cost availability of toosl ( smartphones) to “record, store and share” audio files as well as video files have made people and industries abandon “voice only” hardware like CTI cards.

In resent scenerio, it almost looks like, IVR means Cloud Telephony and vice versa.

I have checked my email subscribers, which stands approx 700 now, ( I think that is a good number for a dead blog) and I have decided now to blog again regularly about IVR and cloud telephony.

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