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AculabCloud : Complete Telephony System on Cloud

Aculab, one of the leading CTI manufacturers in the world, too joined “Voice in Cloud” a year back and recently it has come out with new version too. I had a chance to speak to Faye McClenahan, Head of Strategic Marketing, Aculab about AculabCloud and how it is different from its peers!

AculabCloud: Complete Telephony Application in Cloud

While normal Cloud IVR providers tend to provide ‘voice to web applications’, AculabCloud promises to allow users to develop and deploy complete Telephony Applications rapidly using high level languages! Presently it supports Python and Microsoft .NET Technologies like C# etc. A complete telephony applications on cloud seems to be first of its kind from a CTI manufacturers.

Cloud Telephony does not require any explanation now a days as Cloud seems t be the buzz word in any branch of computing world! The Cloud Telephony by Aculab has some uniqueness as follows :-

1. It comes from Computer Telephony background of more than 30 years
Most of the Cloud Telephony providers till now were either have background of web services or IVR Rad tool providers. AculabCloud is by Aculab who has more than 30 years experience in manufacturing CTI boards and more than 20 years in HMP ( Host Media Processing) Software development. So, one can expect the its system to be more robust, reliable and faster.

2. It aims to telephony solutions, not merely voice extension

While many Cloud Telephony providers aims to provide a Voice Extension ( or voice interactivity) to any computer application, AcuabCloud aims to provide developers to build a complete Telephony Applications and pay as per its usage! According to me, this is a big difference from other Cloud Telephony Solutions.

3. Data Security

One of the major considerations while opting for cloud telephony is data security and protection. AculabCloud has architectures in such a way where sensitive data can be kept at users premise.

AculabCloud has now more than 200 registered developers globally and has many telephony applications developed which has made more than 2millions call.

It has two servers in Europe and USA and has tied up with many Telecom Service providers across countries to provide DID numbers locally.

For more about AculabCloud, one may visit to AculabCloud page here.

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