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Who are using Click To Call Service in India

Click to Call has been gaining popularity and becoming well known now a days in India across various industries. I recently did a “online searching” ( and also spoken to few Click To Call Service providers in India) which industries are using Click To Call and what is their general feedback about it.

Click To Call is normally a hosted service which is simple IVR, but requires many support web application, billing module, user management etc. Report of Click To Call is very helpful so it requires a good reporting system in place. So far, industries which have been using Click To Call, has continued so and has not abandoned it. This is very encouraging for all related to Click To Call.

Here are industries which are using Click To Call in India and their feedback:-

1. Travel Industry
Travel industry is normally using Click To Call in their high margin trip/holiday package booking, international flight booking.
Some portals tried it in hotel bookings too, but abandoned and it is majorly due to low margins in such bookings for online travel portals.

The feedback from this industry is good. It has increased conversion rates as web visitors are now calling getting connected free of cost.

2. Educational Institutes

Educational Institutes are using click to call to connect prospective student and parents to educaton counselors before admission. Some are using it to provide free information about courses on phone to students.
The student satisfaction has gone up by using Click To Call Service as student can speak to counselors as soon as they submit their enquiry form.
Feedback from this industry is positive so far.

3. Web Designer

Independent Web Designers are also using Click To Call as an alternative to speak to users. They are majorly using click to call as sales lead generation, than support system.

The feedback from this industry is mixed as it is competing with toll free number here. Most probably, this industry relies more on emails/chat than voice communication.

3. IT Software Provider

This industry is using Click To Call for support tool only. While they have dedicated call centre for support centre, they are using click to call to make it easier to reach their call centre.

The feedback is good and it has helped them keep track of web visitors and calls. They are particularly happy about being able to measure their calls.

4. Real Estate

Real Estate Industry is using this service for lead capturing. They are also using it to monitor umber of calls handled by their marketing executive and how they are handling new enquiry.

The feedback is good from this industry. They do not mind paying premium for this service as it is high margin industry.

5. B2B yellow pages
Some are using it to provide extra service to its advertisers as value addition to their listings and providing it for free to its advertisers. Some are using this as extra revenue source where they charge extra for this feature on their listing.

Feedback from this industry is very good. Major portals in India are using it and quite happy about it.

Apart from above industry, I saw hotels too using it for their booking. If you know any otehr industry who is using this service and their feedback, do let us know!

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  • Aravind MS May 2, 2012, 10:13 am

    Excellent post on Click to Call and the markets identified are spot on. One category I would like to add to that excellent list is e-commerce.

    Being a click to call service provider ourselves (http://www.crossrangetalk.com), we can say that it boost the number of online leads and makes the entire system more efficient. It costs just a fraction of what Toll Free setups cost, is easy to setup and simple to use. Definitely an advantage for any business.

  • Directs Classifieds October 31, 2012, 4:28 pm

    Good Post, Click to Call is gaining popularity and makes sense too.. We are Directs Classifieds, Free Classified Site in India are also in the process of implementing Click to Call feature on our website http://www.directs.co.in

    One concern we do have is the number of prank calls ( rather the possibility of Prank calls, ending up in lost payment for the people who avail the service..

  • prakash June 30, 2014, 1:35 pm

    Very informative and helpful post, thanks for sharing.

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