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Virtual Numbers With IVR

What is a virtual Number ?

Virtual Numbers can be defined as those telephone numbers which are not physically terminated on some telephony equipment directly, but always forwarded to another ‘real telephone’ number with telephony equipment. Callers know an dial to that virtual number, which is just like any other telephone or mobile number, without having to know where and how they are getting forwarded.

Virtual numbers are also like email alias – these are regular mobile numbers or toll free numbers. Like “email alias”, you can connect these numbers to your “real numbers”.

Virtual Numbers are very smart, easy and instantaneously useful phone numbers as they are normally used with sophisticated IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) System.

Using virtual Numbers by corporates or any organisation has many benefits. For example:-

1. Smart

Virtual Numbers are armed with a lot of features as they have IVR built in, they are very flexible and smart. All calls landing on your mobile phone can be instantaneously delivered to one or many phones (you have a choice- Route these calls to a land-line or a cell number. Fax line or PBX. Or all of them!) What’s more, features like call waiting and many others that are available on your existing number can be had on your virtual number too.

2. Instantaneously configurable

With a virtual number, you can make your customers reach you in seconds. Irrespective of your location. Your virtual number may be your toll free number or any local number. Are you traveling abroad? No problem, you can still be reached. Thanks to your virtual number! Whenever someone calls you on your virtual number, your pre-assigned phones ring. You can now stay in touch with all your clients. All the time. At all locations.

3. Quick and easy

The virtual numbers are so easy to activate. And they take just seconds for that. You can activate them from the website. Choose as many numbers as you want. And keep adding to the list on-need basis. With the user friendly website, select the number available, fill in your ring-to number(s). And bingo! Your virtual number is ready as soon as you’re done with the signup. Isn’t that just so simple? You can choose your ring-to numbers as well as add or remove any additional virtual phone numbers.

So, if are not using a virtual number for your business, it is time for you to get one.

This article is submitted by Knowlarity Communications Pvt. Ltd. the cloud company of India.

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