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Outbound IVR as Hosted Dialer System

What is “Hosted Dialer” ?
Hosted Dialer system can be defined as automated dialer system which is rented from some Hosted Dialer Service provider without having to invest in any hardware oR software and operated as pay-per-usage model.
Hosted Dialer has advantages like quick set up, low initial investment and it normally remains always up-to-date technologically. The user becomes independent of technology used for the dialer system while focusing more on features required for its dialer services.

How IVR can add smart features in hosted Auto Dialer ?

Outbound IVR can be used as hosted Dialer system which in turn can implement many smart features which may not be possible for hardware based dialer system due to its access to vast computing power of the computer!

Here are few :-

1. Very intelligent call routing
Move over ACD ( Automatic Call Routing) which can have finite set of algorithm for call routing features! By using CTI based IVR, unlimited call routing can be implemented for a dialer in order to minimize dialing time, call transfer time. Predictive Dialer, in which, customer agent time is most utilized, could be easily implemented. Least Cost routing based on phone number will reduce cost immediately and in measurable manner. Any kind of smart call routing is possible!

2. Easy Call Pop up
Outbound IVR used as auto dialer can easily retrieve many information based on the CLI ( Caller Line Identification) or user input by DTMF or voice from various databases and can be popped up at customer service executive terminal for easy reference and better service to the caller.

3. Built in Voice Recording
One can completely eliminate cost separate equipment while using outbound IVR as auto dialer. It can record any call initiated by it. Best part is, it is capable of recording both the caller voice and customer service executive voice separately and combine them together while playing! It records voice digitally which can be easily stored, shared and presented in any reporting system.

4. Answering Machine Detection
Outbound IVR can detect Answering Machine and leave a message automatically. It can also present report about calls how it was terminated, like FAX tone, Answering Machine, Ring Out etc. Based on these, the dialer can schedule the call again without having to involve customer service executive.

5. Easy Barge In
Barg-in facility where a supervisor can listen the conversation between caller and customer service executive is easily implemented with advanced features like taking more relevant stake holders in order to serve the caller better.

6. Very advanced Live MIS reporting
Outbound IVR based dialer is capable of storing and presenting very advanced reporting for analysis.

7. Easy Integration with diverse system
Outbound based Auto Dialer system can be easily configured and integrated with any custom CRM or any popular CRM software like SalesForce through APIs.

So, outbound IVR based Hosted Dialer can not only reduce cost, but also provide many advanced features in auto dialer system.

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  • My Sales Dialer (CRM+) November 21, 2012, 6:16 pm

    Hosted Dialer can reduce cost, also provide ease of remote access, thats why it suits to all small, medium and large businesses.

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