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Interesting Hosted IVR: Virtual Receptionist

Among the many applications available with IVR Hosting providers, which could be leveraged by any start-up companies or smaller companies, Virtual Receptionist is one of the most useful whose benefit is measurable and very evident.

While many traditional PBX systems too offer facility of virtual receptionist, concept of virtual receptionist is nothing new in telecom domain, when a ‘Virtual Receptionist’ is implemented using IVR system at the background integrated with SMS (Short Messaging Service), E-mail, Call Whisper etc. apart from intelligent call routing, the whole concept becomes very interesting an useful!

So, how IVR based hosted Virtual Receptionist is different from traditonal virtual receptionist available in PBX systems ?

First of all, choosing an hosted IVR has its own advantages like very small or no initial investment in hardware as well as time to set up the system! PBX based virtual receptionist has limitations in terms of configuring complex and intelligent routing, integration with third party business logic etc.

Being majorly software driven, hosted IVR based virtual receptionist can have any type of computation capability, easy integration with third party systems like SMS, CRM etc.

Few smart features which makes IVR based Hosted Virtual Receptionist interesting and a must have for many companies :-

1. Hosted virtual Receptionist would work 24 hours a day, play different greetings at different time. It can even use multiple languages depending on the caller ID. For example, it will greet ‘Good Morning’ in morning, ‘Good Afternoon’ in the afternoon. If it detects caller ID from Spain, it can greet in Spanish, like “Buenos días, bienvenidos a nuestra empresa” ( Good Morning, welcome to our company ) even if your company is in China!

2. Virtual receptionist can send you immediate alert for any incoming call either by SMS or E-email. This SMS or Email can information like Caller ID, time of call. And if the caller has recorded a voice mail, the recorded audio file can also be attached in the email as WAV file. WAV file can be played back on BlackBerry, IPhone or Android phones. So, one never has to miss any important update!

3. Call whisper is one important feature where hosted virtual receptionist can speak out the caller ID and ask for an key press option either to receive the call or transfer to someone else or to voice mail! This kind of call screening is specially useful for calls from irritating tele-callers or banks asking for loan returns. (Ok, the later part was a joke.)

4. Hosted IVR service providers would have record of each and every call, their status ( either forwarded, voice mail, or out office hour, holidays etc.). This is very useful for marketing and sales lead generation point of view as it provides real time, online report using which one can measure lead captures, converted etc.

Few practical and pressing reason why you should opt for hosted Virtual Receptionist ?

If you are small company and have to travel out of office during office hour or out-station, hosted virtual receptionist is the service for you!

Hosted virtual receptionist provider like Niche Tech Services Private Limited can provide you with 10 digit mobile number owned by you! So even if you change IVR service provider, the number remains with you!

With online and accurate MIS, accessible from net anywhere, your office people can no longer avoid or lie about any inquiries on phones to the office! One can fix responsibility if any one does not attend a call during office hour!

So, with hosted virtual receptionist, you no longer need to be afraid of high initial and recurring investment to have your own smart receptionist!

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  • Hosting Provider India September 3, 2011, 11:58 am

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  • business September 29, 2011, 9:58 am

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