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Hosted IVR will get a boost with New Telecom Policy in India 2012

The new National Telecom Policy 2012 ( NTP 2012) in India was accepted by the Government of India yesterday on 31st May 2012 which replaced the 13 year old Telecom Policy of 1999. One of the most important feature of this new Telecom Policy is getting rid of “Roaming” within the country! In another important feature, the broadband speed will be minimum 2MBPS which other wise was just 256kbps.

As I posted earlier, Voice Over Internet protocol will also be allowed in India which was other wise not allowed to be connected to PSTN. It was being used within office premises internally though. This policy also aims to increase rural teledensity from the current level of around 39 to 70 by the year 2017 and 100 by the year 2020. This translates to almost whopping half a billion ( approximately) new telephone connections!

So, how will it boost up hosted IVR service in India ?

It will help IVR Hosting Service in India due to the following reasons :-

1. Removal of roaming charges

Till now, because of roaming restrictions, call forwarding between states were not allowed and this was a big hurdle for hosting Service providers in India. For example, a client in Kerala ( a southern state in India) could not host his IVR in Delhi ( Capital city of India in Northern India) as the callers from Kerala would have to make an STD call to a Delhi number. But with new Telecom Policy, one can buy a mobile number and forward its call to the IVR number in Delhi.Previously it was not possible as a call from mobile phone of Kerala state could not be forwarded to Delhi and a call from Kerala to Delhi mobile number was an STD call.

But with removing this roaming charges, we hope the inter circle call forwarding would be allowed and it will give boost to IVR hosting anywhere in India.

2. Broadband Speed

With broadband connection with minimum 2MBPS link, data exchange between IVR Host and client information would be easier and much cheaper than earlier. So, this should help industries to leverage benefits of Hosted IVR service in India.

3. VoIP

With VOIP likely to be allowed to be connected to PSTN, cost of making outbound Bulk Call is bound to come down more and more in price sensitive market in India. Till now, majority of hosted IVR service is for bulk voice calling.

So, I hope the New National Telecom Policy 2012 in India will boost up hosted IVR market in India.


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