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Hosted IVR services as VAS by Telecom Service Providers

With dwindling revenue of VAS ( Value Added Services) like ring tone, CRBT ( Caller Ring Back Tone) etc., telecom service providers might start providing hosted IVR services using their enterprise team. While most probably, it still few years away when the idea of providing hosted IVR service may come to telecom operators as well as when they become ready with the services, but I was wondering how will they be advantageous over the existing hosted IVR service providers ?

In the present scenario ( in India), all IVR hosting companies provide their services using PRI ( E1) lines rented from telecom operators like Reliance Infocomm, Airtel, Tata Communications etc. Hosted IVR service providers make money adding some extra charge to the per minute charging by telecom operators or rental for IVR services.

So, how will these Telecom Operators like Tata, Airtel, Reliance fit in the hosted IVR market in India ? Also how will they change hosted VR market in India ?

Here are few advantages I can think of which they might have over other third party hosted IVR providers:-

1. Benefit of Cost
This benefit is quite obvious as they are the telecom service providers and hosted IVR could be just another service using their telephony infrastructures already in place. They can really price their products which may entice existing hosted IVR companies to become just reseller.

2. National Presence

Most of the telecom operators have their network every where in India. This definitely an advantage fort them where they will be able to serve customers from every corners of India, with their centralized hosted IVR infrastructure. But, this advantage may disappear once STD and roaming cost is abolished.

3. Existing Large Enterprise Clients

Telecom operators already provide customised telecom solutions like virtual PBX service ( Also known as CENTERX) to large enterprises at multiple locations. IVR Services will be just additional features to them.

Apart from these advantages, I think, telecom service providers will also have some disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages would be customization. Many hosted IVR clients want customization service which they may find it difficult to provide.

Either way, if telecom operators decides to enter IVR hosting market in India, present hosted IVR service providers may find it difficult to compete them.

Well, it is just my thinking!

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