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Getting more value of Toll Free Number by using hosted IVR Service

Getting toll free number is easy now a days and almost all major telecom companies provide toll free number to anyone which is accessible to anyone in a country, irrespective of their telecom operator. Some bigger telecom companies like Reliance Infocomm in India provides international toll free number too, which can be accessed across the globe, free of cost!

Traditionally, a toll free number is mapped to an incoming PRI line which is again connected to a PBX and then routed to call centre executive. While this works for bigger companies as they can afford to invest in call centre setup, but vast majority of SMEs or smaller companies are left out, but not any more, thanks to hosted IVR ( Interactive Voice Response).

One of the advantage of toll free number in India is, it can be terminated/forwarded to any PRI line, mobile number, telephone number in India! So, anyone who owns a toll free number can avail hosted IVR service which is located anywhere in India! For example, a company in Bangalore can have a toll free number which can be terminated in a PRI line in Delhi or any other city in India. So, A Bangalore based company can avail hosted IVR service based in Delhi using on his toll free number.

Hosted IVR and a toll free number can be a very powerful combination providing a automated business phone service with all modern features that one can think of. Here are few how one can get much more out of his toll free number by using hosted IVR service on his toll free number :-

1. Advanced Call Distribution

IVR uses computing power of a serer grade computer, so it is possible to develop highly complex, useful and efficient call distribution logic based on many parameters in real time. For example, if you have one toll free number for all of your customers of all states in India, then based on their caller id, her call can be routed to her customer service centre. Also an IVR Service can greet her in the state language and allow her to lodge a complaint. And based on her choices, a call patch can be arranged immediately with some relevant technician.

2. Advanced Call Hunting

Advanced multilevel call hunting feature could be designed when a caller wants to speak to human agent to discuss her complaints, or a business enquiry. Call Hunting feature could be designed with call whisper where the call could also be sent to higher authority depending on the urgency of the call.

3. Call Screening
Using Call screening methods, like asking to press some keys as per caller requirement can get rid of many prank calls. Once they are detected to be prank callers, their number cold be blocked and IVR will never pick up their calls, based on their ID.

4. Voice Logging

Every voice conversation can be recorded for future investigation or training purposes. This is an important feature which may otherwise require some dedicated hardware in on-premise system if not used a hosted IVR Service.

5. Reports

All calls reports are normally available online and can be monitored. This report can be used as a comprehensive lead management system where every call can be analyzed. This report will also be used for performance analysis of employees attending those calls.

So,now anyone can get more out of their toll free number by hosting their number with Hosted IVR Service providers without having to invest in call centre.

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