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I keep getting requirement from many customers to deploy IVR in 2 days time after they have bought the CTI card.

Is it possible to deploy IVR in 2 days ? According to me, Impossible unless you have the following assets in place:

1. Voice Artist both male and female and for at least three language if the IVR is to be deployed in India. ( In India, normally IVR has to be in three languages, 1. English 2. Hindi and 3. Any one of the 17 Languages called MIL ( Modern Indian Language)

2. A Studio with sound recordists available 24 hours.

3. Script Writer.

4. Call Flow designer.

5. Coder who uses either C++ or Any third Party development tools.

For deploying IVR, one should not keep only 2 days! That is the bottom line. IVR may be really a complicated system which may require proper planning. There are then unknown problems like integration of switch! I have a experience with IRIS IVDX switch. We had to literally strugle to implement Call Transfer using a D300 card with ISDN PRI-E .


Here are few checklist one must complete before they proceed to deploy a IVR system

1. Complete or at least 90% Call Flow in proper Flow Chart.

2. Complete script as per the flow chart.

3. Successful database integration if any.

4. Successful Integration with Switch and CTI Hardware. Or at least keep support from Switch End ready.

5. Make test calls available. Many a times I have found sites where you can not make call to the IVR number or no extension or phone number to make an Outgoign call. Also, when you are implementing features like, play IVR options when all agents extesnions are busy, play “All our customer care exceutves are busy, please wait or press 1 to lodge your complaint”, then you need at least 3 extensions.

6. Normally Switch has many features! If those features are propelry exploited, IVR can be really intelligent. For example, Automatic Change Number announcement.

1. Caller Dials a number say 2345. 2345 was changed to say, 3345.Now SWITCH will capture the DNI 2345, and transfer the the call to IVR number, say, 1200, sending 2345 as CLI.
2. IVR will receive the call, announce that the number 2345 ( captured by IVR as CLI), is changed to 3345, press 1 if you want to listen to the changed number again,  if you want us to transfer the your call to new number 3345, press 2 or disconenct.
3. IVR will transfer the call to 3345.

To achieve the above, SWITCH  has to capture the DNI of the caller and convert it to its CLI, before call is sent IVR. IVRS, being Analog, it can detect only CLI.

It might be little technical, but your SWITCH support will understand them!

7. Recording of all scripts as well as in all languages.

8. Availability of Sound Editing Software as well as Sound Editor.

I hope, I have argued successfully that deployment of IVRS is not a 2day job!

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