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Donjin KeyGoe Series Multimedia switches

Donjin’s Keygoe series of multimedia switches are communication platform which can handle almost all types of voice, video applications in any size. While the entry level KeyGoe Series product Keygoe1000 starts with 1 channel and can be increased to 240 channels, and high end KeyGoe Series like KeyGoe 3000 has up to 127 E1 lines.

KeyGoe Donjin Multimedia Switch

All KeyGoe Series products support all types of available telecom protocols like ISDN PRI, SS7, IP ( RTP, H.323 etc). So, a KeyGoe series of product is almost future proof which will never go obsolete. Keygoe series multimedia switches are independent rack 19″ rack-mountable.

In their voice resources, they support all types of CODEC, play audio files of many formats like WAV, ADCPM, Dialogic VOX format. They have inbuilt echo-cancellation, AGC ( automatic gain control), full duplex audio playing and recording. They have VAD ( Voice Activity Detection) as well as CNG ( Comfort Noise Generation).

KeyGoe series products provide 1:1 conference facility for all voice resources. They have built in FAX resources too.

They support Windows Operating System, Linux ( Kernel Version 2.6 and above) and have SDK with many sample codes in C++, C#, Delphi.

The installation and configuration is also quite easy with visual tools to configure various parameters.

KeyGoe Series products are very feature rich, low cost but performs very well. All types of IVR applications as well as telecom solutions can be provided using KeyGoe series of products. Developing Voice applications, Conference application, FAX applications are quite easy using Donjin KeyGoe products.

Donjin support has improved a lot over the time and they have now a big number of installation in India. KeyGoe series products are being used in Hosted IVR solutions, Voice based Value Added Services, Hosted Conference Services as well as hosted Outbound IVR ( Bulk Voice Calling).

KeyGoe series products from Donjin are available at Sunshine Telesoft (P) Limited. in India.

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