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Donjin DN300 Digital Voice Board

Donjin DN300 is equivalent of Dialogic D300-JCT board. It has one E1 connection ( RJ48 ) and 30 voice resources. Recently, I had an opportunity to test a DN300 board with our EPABX of Coral make DX2000. We used our Predictive Auto Dialer Application, written for Dialogic Digital CTI boards.

Donjin DN300 Board

Donjin DN300 Board

Before going into the test results, here are few features of Donjin DN300 boards :-

1. Much like its Dialogic counterpart, it has one E1 with RJ48 connectivity for 30 voice resources and built in signaling protocols.
2. It supports ISDN PRI ( widely used now a days), R2MF. It also supports SS7 ( MTP, TUP, ISUP, SCCP) good enough for any voice portal or intelligent IVR applications.
3. It can work with any other voice boards. For example, it can work with Dialogic boards installed in the same machine. It can be very advantageous for upgrading a system with existing Dialogic boards with new Donjin boards.
4. It is quite cheaper than Dialogic equivalent board. Its market price is around Rs. 120,000/- only and if some one buys from www.ivrsworld.com, he will get another 5% discount. 🙂 You may buy Donjin DN300 Board from here.

We were provided one DN300 board by Donjin India distributor Sunshine Telesoft (P) Limited, Mumbai. We used Coral DX2000 EPABX with E1 ISDN PRI (EURO) protocol.

We were also informed that it we just need to recompile our Dialogic C++ application using Library files of Donjin NADK SDK. So, first we tried to recompile our Dialogic Application! And wow, we got almost 2500 errors! On investigation, we found out that Donjin NADK does not have any C++ header files for its Library files (They use Dialogic header files only)! Also it uses different names for its Library files than Dialogic ones! Technical support team from Sunshine Telesoft has been quick enough to point me out my mistakes and correct them. And next instance, our code for Predictive Auto dialer Application were rebuilt successfully for Donjin board! It took hardly one day!

Next task was to integrate Donjin DN300 board with DX2000 EPABX! It took pretty long time but it was not fault of Donjin DN300 board, but a fault from EPABX. Finally after many days ( almost 40 days), EPABX guys could find a small programming error due to which calls were getting disconnected! Finally they agreed with our ISDN trace ( Donjin has very powerful and easy to use ISDN trace logger, unlike difficult to use Dialogic tools). Changing parameters like CRC status, Trunk mode/Network Mode in Donjin DN300 boards are quite easy compared to that of Dialogic Boards! Once Donjin DN300 with successfully integrated with DX200 EPABX, we run our application for 48 hours.

It made total 600 outgoing calls. Purposefully we made 10 destination numbers busy, 10 destination numbers which did not exist, 10 destination numbers with CRBT(Caller Ringback Tone), 10 numbers on call waiting. Donjin DN300 board could give all status 100% accurately! So we were very happy with Donjin DN300 performance.

Many people may be skeptical about quality of Donjin boards for it is being priced low or it is a Chinese product, but I did not find any problem when it worked for 48 hours. According to me, if it works for 48 hours, it could work for 48 days together. Very soon, we hope to deploy one predictive Auto Dialer System with Donjin DN300 board and would like to update this post with my experience with it.

Contact address for Donjin Boards, in India :-

Manager (Sales)
Sunshine Telesoft (P) limited
Suite # 513, Laxmi Mall, New Link Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai, India – 400053.
Tel: +91 22 40 365 365.
Fax: +91 22 40 365 300.

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  • Jayakrishnan K October 17, 2009, 10:54 am

    We started using the Donjin boards 2 years ago and found them to be quite functional compared to Dialogic. At first I assumed the gc api compatibility claim to be just vendor hype, but then during actual coding I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it more or less works as claimed. Blogged about it here http://jayakrishnan.livejournal.com/1719.html

  • Uttam Pegu October 18, 2009, 12:15 pm

    Hi Jayakrishnan,
    Great to know that you had already worked on Donjin boards way back in 2007.
    I share your view about easy portability from Dialogic code to Donjin code.

  • lily November 30, 2009, 9:42 am

    why not use OpenVox , best cost effective Asterisk boards, fully Open Source , web based IVR / ACD / ContactCenters GUI

  • Uttam Pegu November 30, 2009, 1:54 pm

    Hi Lily,
    Thank your for dropping by. Yes, people can use OpenVox.

    I have not worked on OpenVox boards. But would surley like to try out one day.


  • sunil January 19, 2010, 3:52 pm

    Want to know which companies develop products on Donjin hardware in India

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