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Disclaimer of ivrsworld.com


Here are few disclaimer of the blog:-

I will write about my experiences, information acquired during my working with various CTI hardware, like Dialogic, Synway, TelcoBridge, AudioCodes etc. as well as various IVR Application Development Tools like VB Voice, ExtendIVR and others. I may also write about Call Center, Contact Center, Telecom Switches, Telecom Companies, EPABX, Telecom Technologies, Jargon etc.

1. Though I try to write all information here as accurate as possible, but I may make few stupid mistakes too. So I request readers of this blog kindly to verify facts whenever there is some confusion.

2. For any technical details of any products are normally copy paste with proper link back to source.

3. All news items are normally Googled/Yahooed from Internet.

4. I will keep updating any posts without any notice. So I have added an widget “Recently Updated Posts” at the right most column.

5. All comments are moderated. Kindly do not expect comments to appear right away after you have submitted. I live in India and keep traveling frequently, so I may take time to moderate sometime.

6. I have been writing all articles myself, but I may have been influenced by articles from net.  After all, knowledge has to be shared! Still if you disagree, one comment should be enough for me to remove the post all together.

7. For any dispute refer to #6.

8. Thank you for reading so far. I will keep updating this disclaimer too!

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