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Dialogic PowerMedia XMS and Future of Call Center

Once upon a time, Interactive Voice Response Systems and Dialogic was almost synonymous. If someone said CTI, it usually meant Dialogic. Dialogic D/4 PCI board was legendary, at least in India. People with remote connection with voice application development too knew/heard about D4 PCI board!

Dialogic PowerMedia XMS

Dialogic PowerMedia XMS

Well, that was many moons ago. With entry of low cost CTI boards in Voice Application world in the form of Chinese manufacturer, Entry of Asterisk, maturing of VOIP as technology and penetration of internet, things have changed for Dialogic as well for users. But Dialogic was always there and and I think now with Cloud Telephony picking up and people realising about convergence of technologies and its utility, one can hope, Dialogic with its PowerMedia XMS should become household name again, at least among cloud telephony service providers with vision for the future!

While, I tried to do some experiments with Dialogic PowrMedia XMS and enquired about its price, after that I abandoned the idea all together. I thought, I would stick to Asterisk, POTS, Smartphone, voice, little bit of video and voice recording. But then, the change will not leave anyone unaffected!

“PowerMedia XMS includes support for WebRTC audio, video, and media plane” and that statement should be enough to excite smart phone users with 4GB RAM! Well, my laptop still has miserly 4GB and its as big as 20 smartphones combined together and as heavy!

I am not sure as of now, if anyone planning to start offering Cloud Telephony Services using Dialogic PowerMedia XMS in India, but if anyone does, it would beat all the competition in terms of usability, features and technology. But then, I can not say how it would be competitive in terms of pricing, specially when the ‘self-styled’ largest cloud telephony service provider in India has shifted out its base due to tough market situation in India!

Either way, PowerMedia XMS is the future, if not present, of customer service for smart-phone with 4GB RAM generations. These generation has already forgotten ‘slamming of phones’, ‘art of dialing telephone number’. They just tap on images and call gets connected. So natural progression would be to just tab a link to speak to a customer care executive for solving a problem, most probably, 4G speed problem.

If any one has already deployed Dialogic PowerMedia XMS in India, please do let me know by leaving a comment below.

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  • Detlev Artelt August 20, 2014, 7:50 pm

    Hi Uttam,

    Sounds like we have the same past. My first app with MS-DOS and a D/40 in a 386 was in 93 or so.

    Selling tons of DIA borads as a Platin distri in the 90s with great Envox software.

    Still today, Dialogic means quality but as well price. BUT it works!!

    • Uttam Pegu August 20, 2014, 8:20 pm

      Hi Detlev,
      Nice to meet you! Though in my time, Windows had appeared, I started IVR with that legendary Dialogic D/4 board in 1998 in C++!

      I totally agree, Dialogic products just work, I still have some IVR System running in Windows XP since 2001 or so, using Dialogic CTI boards.

  • Raja April 8, 2018, 12:55 pm

    Working on small dialogic project, would like to go for on-premise solution.May I know which dialogic board is suitable for on-premise VXML application development?

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