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Sangoma CTI Board can now access GSM SIM directly

Sangoma has introduced an interesting CTI product W400 which adds GSM voice connectivity and SMS capabilities to IP-PBX applications. While CTI applications have been invading many PBX features, this GSM voice as well as SMS facility would add another important feature to CTI applictions which was other wise in exclusive domain of traditional PBX,that is LRU ( Least Cost Routing) using GSM gateway!

Sangoma W400

Normally, most of the GSM operators provide cheaper call rates to its own network. Also, call from landline to Mobile Phone is costlier. So, people have been using GSM Gateway or GSM cards in traditional PBX to route call using the cheapest CO line from PBX extension. For example, if if extension A dials a Airtel Number, the PBX will route the call to go from an Airtel SIM connected to its GSM Gateway or GSM Card. Likewise if extension A dials an international number, it can use a SIM card which has cheapest international call rates. Thanks to Sangoma W400 CTI board, this kind of smart LCR can be implemented in CTI applications too!

In countries other than India where PSTN and VOIP inter-connectivity is not banned, this board also offers opportunity to route calls through VOIP which is a huge savings!

Apart from LCR, this board can also send SMS message which offers potential of developing many interesting CTI applications! Till now, CTI applications had to use either GSM modem or third party SMS gateway for sending SMS. With SMS facility in the same CTI board, SMS sending would be much easier.

This board works with Asterisk DAHDI driver making exisiting Asterisk user to implement their existing CTI application SMS compatible easily!

For more details about the board, please visit Sangoma website here.

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  • arthi March 9, 2012, 9:47 pm

    Can you say me why VOIP is banned in India?

  • Uttam Pegu March 12, 2012, 11:57 am

    VOIP is banned in India because of Security Reasons, as far as I know!

  • Bharat April 16, 2012, 3:17 pm

    Dear Mr Uttam, can you please tell me how is the working of SANGOMA 4 port W400 whether it is working good and what is the price tag for this in India.

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