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Poor presence of IVR Companies at 20th Convergence India 2012

I went to “20th Convergence India ICT Expo” on its second day at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India. I reached the venue little late at 11:45AM. As soon as I entered Pragati Maidan, I found few visitors. I thought since I am late, I thought visitors may have had gone inside halls already.

As expected, the registration desk was almost empty which reminded me, it was normally busy during my previous visits.

Congeregnce India 2012

I was disappointed to find not many visitors as per my expectation. Most phttp://www.ivrsworld.com/wp-admin/post-new.phprobably, it was second day and many people may eb waiting for the last day, that is tomorrow. I was looking for IVR related companies, but could not find many. Here are few which I found:-

1. Aculab – Complete Cloud Telephony Provider

Aculab well known CTI manufacturer, which is going aggressive on its complete cloud telephony AculabCloud was there showcasing there products.

Aculab was there with their AcuabCloud

AculabCloud allows developers to develop their hosted voice applications using Python and Microsoft .NET Technologies like C# etc. Theey have also ProsodyX (a highly practical alternative to DSPbased CTI boards) and ApplianX IP-TDM Gateway products.

2. VESTEC – Speech Recognition Provider
I found this interesting speech recognition product which claims to improve accuracy of speech recognition over traditional speech recognition engines by using AI ( Artificial Intelligence) technology.

VESTEC - Speech Recogntion

3. Alliance Infotech – Sangoma Distributor India

Alliance Infotech, a known Delhi based company for CTI baords was also their with Sangoma products. They were showcashing their SS7 gateways as well as recently released GSM Analog CTI card.

Sangoma - Alliance Infortech

They are also promoting their newly acquired VegaStream VoIP products. They hope to go aggressive in promoting their products in India in coming days.

4. ATCOM – Low Cost CTI board provider

I saw ATCOM first time in India. They have E1 Asterisk based products. I think Sangoma and Digium has some competition from them now!


5. Digium – Original Asterisk Promoter

Digium was also there with their 24 channel Analog boards as well as 8 Port Digital E1 CTI cards apart from other boards.

6. Aria Telecom – Known IVR Voice Logger company

Aria Telecom, a known IVR and Voice Logger provider based in New Delhi was also there with their CTI based solution.

Aria Telecom

Notable absentees from this exhibition was CTI giant Dialogic, Donjin, Synway and other IVR based companies. I was hoping to see more IVR companies like Glorsoft, Pronexus etc. to be here.

I found many Chinese Telecom companies in this exhibitions. There are so many companies from China that, I heard comments like ” This expo seems like Convergence China Hosted in India”!

Many Chinese Companies were here

This exhibitions was mainly for all ICT companies, still was happy to see some IVR related companies here. I hope, in future, more IVR companies would participate here and I hope to write about them here.

I hope to review some of the products them above IVR companies in coming days, so stay tuned!

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  • ankit March 22, 2012, 8:15 pm

    Majorly the Broadcasting & Networking equipment supplier and service providers were seen, clearly the expo should not be called IT and Telecom expo.

  • nirav June 27, 2012, 10:18 am

    please give updates of ivr world . we are in same business and always curious to know about current market.

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