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Top 5 advantages of Digital IVR over analog IVR

Analog IVR can be defined as those IVR which uses Aanlog CTI boards and analog telephone lines while Digital IVR can be defined as those IVR which uses digital CTI Board and uses PRI/BRI lines, E1/T1 ISDN/SS7 protocols. While all boards are digital, but analog CTI boards has completely different interface with telephone network.

Advantages of Digital IVR over Analog IVR
1. Caller ID detection or ANI facility
While analog IVR ( using analog CTI board and Analog telephone Line) can also detect caller ID, but its not reliable and also its very slow. Normally caller ID is detection takes at least one ring and most of the time it takes two rings. So IVR picks a call after two more 3 rings. In Digital IVR ( Using Digital CTI board and PRI/ISDN lines), caller id detection is fast, accurate and IVR can pick calls instantly. Increases user satisfaction.

2. DNI ( Dialled Number Identification)
Analog IVR can not provide DNI ( Dialled Number identification). While for many IVR applications, DNI may not be very important, but DNI can help in many cases, specially for dynamic call flow based on DNI.

3. Fast Connect/Disconnect
Call connection and disconnection is slow for analog IVR as its inherent in analog technology. It uses various dial tone, disconnect tone, busy tone for disconnection which takes time to detect. In Digital IVR, call connection and disconnection is instantaneous. Slow connection/disconnection can be very irritating for IVR callers.

4. Reliable
Digital IVR are way more reliable than Analog ones. Analog lines are prone to failures due to voltage fluctuations as well as other external factors. Digital IVR are reliable as they are not prone to influences of external factors.

5. Scale up
Scaling up using analog lines is not easy. While it is easy to scale up digital IVR systems.

While it may be much cheaper to build an analog IVR, digital IVR is the way to go for reliable, scale able, feature rich IVR systems, either for cloud telephony service or large call centers.

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