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Price of CTI Board in India

Most of the time, people in India find it very difficult to believe the price of CTI ( Computer Telephony Integration) boards by any manufacturer. Be it Dialogic, Donjin, Sangoma, Aculab or any other, people often question, how can a card that fits inside a PC can cost more than the PC itself ?

And many people who discuss very enthusiastically about deploying a very user friendly, useful voice automation system for their business, lose all their enthusiasm after learning about price of CTI boards.

Some smart people seem to quickly compare with cost of one channel modem which is most of the time inbuilt in the computer Mother Board itself, with CTI boards and find the pricing of even four port CTI board! After all, according to them, a modem does everything what a four port analog CTI board can do, except the the number of simultaneous call. So according to them, if one modem costs Rs. 300, ideally a four port analog CTI board should not cost more than Rs. 1200!

I wonder, how to convince people to invest in CTI boards in India ?

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  • Lokesh January 5, 2016, 12:02 pm

    Can I surrender a PRI line and continue my IVR?

    I had a discussion with my vendor and he suggested that I can go for an analog CTI card and proceed.

    I have a IVR server, a toll-free number, a PRI line.

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