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Dialogic D/300 CTI board

Dialogic D/300 JCT-E1 is the entry level board for anyone who needs digital network interface with PSTN network as well as voice resources in the single board. I feel, D/300 board is most used entry

Dialogic D/300 Board

Dialogic D/300 JCT-E1 board

level CTI board for many high end, feature rich IVR applications like unified messaging system, Fax Server, Caller Ringback Tone, Speech enabled voice applications.

Features of Dialogic D/300 JCT-E1 board

1. Digital Network Interface

It has both E1(2.048MBPS) and T1(1.544 Mbps) support. It supports digital interface network protocols like ISDN PRI, R2MF. ISDN PRI is widely used protocol for connecting CTI board with PBX systems. With D/300 board, it is quite easy to configure it to work with many ISDN variants as per PBX from one country to another or manufacturer.

2. FAX support

Dialogic D/300 board supports both FAX and host based speech recognition. In certain cases, FAX and speech recognition may not work together. It also supports CSP ( Continuous Speech Processing) which offers IVR developers a powerful feature to develop many interesting IVR applications and features depending on the call progress. Speech recognition feature provides IVR developers to develop Speech-Enabled menu for any IVR application.

3. Scalability

Dialogic D/300 supports H.100 connector and it allows it to connect to other Dialogic boards. Inexpensive normal PC can be used to install this board and one PC may install upto 16 boards per machine if PCI slots are available.
With its support for GSM and G.726 bit exact voice coders ( standard for Voice Profile for Internet Messaging (VPIM) , one may develop unified messaging solutions based on D/300 board.

4. Programming

Dialogic D/300 board is supported by many RAD Tools for IVR development. It also supports widely popular GC ( Global Call Protocol) for making many high end, mission critical IVR applications.


D/300 board can be used to develop any kind of IVR applications. It offers many call related information available with digital network interface protocols. Call bridging available in ISDN PRI is one of the feature which is used to make Click To Call application can be developed.

D/300 board is also ideal choice for starting a voice portal service to start with 30 lines and then increase the lines.

DIalogic has some other models with higher capacity with same features. D/600 and DMV1200 have 60 voice and 120 resources respectively. One may move from D/300 to DMV/1200 without having to make any changes in the application.

Other CTI vendors like Donjin, Synway, Digium too have D/300 equivalent boards. For example, Digium TE122P/TE122B, Synway TEJ Series and Donjin DN300 are Dialogic D/300 equivalent boards with similar features.

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  • Jayakrishnan K March 17, 2010, 11:34 am

    If my memory serves me right, the D/300 JCT does not support CSP under E1 ISDN PRI configuration which the standard for India. However it is a nice card otherwise :-).

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