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A bad news to all ! 🙁

The big boss, Dialogic is increasing prices of all its products by 15% to 20% from 1st October 2008! The old prices will not be applicable from 1st October 2008 and if anyone wants to avail the old prices, s/he has to place order on their respective Dialogic Vendors on or before 20th Sept. 2008.

Here is the complete price revision details : ( As sent to me by email by Mr. Pankaj Sodhi, GOIP TELNET SOLUTIONS Pvt. Ltd)

A] The following Dialogic® product families will increase in price 10% for all products

shipped after September 30, 2008:

1. All Dialogic® T1/E1 JCT Media Boards and the Dialogic® D/120JCT-LS Media Board series.

2. D4PCIUF will be increases in prices by almost 15% to 18%

2. All Dialogic® PBX Integration Boards

3. All Dialogic® Station Interface Boards, including DISI and HDSI Board series

4. All Dialogic® DM3 Media Boards

5. All Dialogic® DM/IP and IPT Boards

B] The Dialogic® Diva® Media products will increase in price between 10% and 25% for all

products shipped after September 30, 2008:

The Diva Media Board price increase is divided into two principal components:

1. General Price increase for Diva Media Boards (approximately 10%)

2. Adjustment of Diva Media Board prices in order to align them to market prices for similar

products (approximately 25%)

At the same time Dialogic will introduce the new UM-Series products, which are priced lower

than the Universal Series Diva products. This leads to a Diva product line offering 4 versions

of Diva media boards, which are listed here from lowest functionality and price to highest –

(1) the CTI Series (2) the V-Series, (3) the new UM-Series, and (4) the Diva Universal


NOTE: The acronym “UM” stands for Unified Messaging, because the Diva UM-Series feature

set has been tailored for UM-applications.

C] The Dialogic® Host Media Processing products will increase approximately price 33%  to 35% for

all orders received after September 30, 2008:

D] Dialogic don’t  increases the prices of Dialogic Media Gateway, DNI boards,SS7 Low density and High density Boards,SIUG21,SIUG22, MMP,IMG, SS7 Host Protocol licenses and SS7 licenses button.

Note:-Earlier prices are no more applicable from 1st of OCT 08.If you want to buy any Dialogic products @ earlier prices you need to place the order to us by 20th Sep 08 ,so that we can ship it before 1st of  Oct 08.

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