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Benefit of Hosted IVR Complaint Management

Complaint Management is one of the basic business process or task for any company which provides any services or sells any product to end users. It is almost impossible to run business or any utility service without getting some complaints by its users. On a lighter note, even a perfect product like human makes few ‘complaints’ to God about his problems.

While many big corporates or government agencies have dedicated department for handling customer inquiries, service requests, updates using either call center or contact center, smaller organisations can not afford to have dedicated call center. Also, having a call center may not be a feasible proposition where there is not huge number of complaints or inquiries or service requests.

While it may be easy to start a web based complaint management system where people may visit the website and log their complaints. But it may not be always possible for all type of customer to have internet connection and a PC. Above all, it may happen that internet connection itself is not working and an user needs to complaint to ISP ( Internet Service Provider). Complaint management is fairly established process where few basic ‘processes’ are done :-

1. User lodges a complaint and gets confirmation of the lodged complaint in form of some unique complaint ticket, complaint id etc.

2. User can check status of his complaints using the complaint ticket id.

3. User gets notified when the complaint is rectified.

4. At the back end, the service department of the organisation must be notified of the new complaint immediately for information as well as rectification measure.

5. It should also have editing capability thereby where an authorized service engineer can check pending complaints and then update its status to rectified or closed.

So, complaint system is fairly systematic process which can be automated and IVR ( interactive voice response) System can be used effectively for handling all the steps above. IVR can handle both incoming complaint lodging part as well as notifying user on rectification using outbound IVR flow.

Hosted IVR is can be used for complaint management system quickly and with minimum initial investment. All hosted IVR service providers offer customised IVR call flow as per complaint management IVR requirement.

Few of the benefits of having IVR based Complaint Management system in hosted environments are :-

1. By using hosted IVR service, one can minimise initial investment as well as go live pretty quickly.

2. One can use it on pilot basis how clients are using it as well as testing its usefulness in improving turn around time for attending complaint and rectification.

3. Hosted IVR provides facility like handling large call spikes in case of some failure and when organization expects large complaint calls.

4. Normally, hosted IVR service providers are skilled IVR professionals, so one can be assured of high IVR up-time as well as any future up-gradation or customisation requirement with latest technologies.

5. Hosted IVR complaint management system has built in web-based access for viewing, modifying customer complaints. It makes easier for any authorised person to access the complaint management system anywhere, from home or office or even while traveling.

6. Since it maintains all call records both incoming and outbound, it can also serve as an authentic ‘record of activity’ both by complainant as well as service engineer who had attended the complaint.

So, there are many benefits of using hosted IVR management system. One useful enhancement could be use of SMS in case the complainant has a mobile number for any notification service along with IVR voice call.

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