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Hosted IVR as Hosted Business Phone System

Recent developments in cloud IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) is moving towards providing complete hosted business phone systems for users. Hosted IVR service providers no longer just provide voice application, but a complete business phone system right from allotting phone numbers, toll free numbers, vanity numbers etc.

Most probably, this is a natural progression as clients demand more and more features/services from cloud telephony providers. They also like to deal with single vendor for all their communication requirements.

I have recently discussed with few hosted IVR providers and clearly a pattern is emerging where hosted IVR providers are providing almost every telephony requirement to their users.

1. Phone Number

Almost every cloud telephony providers in India are providing telephone number which are owned by the user. So even if a user changes his vendor for voice solutions, he retains the phone number. Toll free numbers are also provided by these cloud telephony service provider so that no user has to negotiate separately with telecom operators.

2. Smart Call Routing

Hosted IVR providers now provide smart call routing where any incoming call is transferred based on dialed number identification, IVR option selection to the mobile number or telephone number of concerned person, eliminating need of any telephone operators in the office. Many provide visual tools to design their call routing options.

3. Value Added Services

Voice Mail System, alert system programmed auto dial out etc. are few value added services being offered by hosted IVR service providers. These are almost freely available which otherwise required special hardware and software in those days of analog PBX days! With so many intelligence and features, hosted telephony service users do not have to consider on premise PBX anymore.

4. Advanced Reporting

Advanced real-time reporting of both incoming and outgoing calls are presented online in almost real-time basis. Gone are the days where one has to use call billing software along with traditional PBX for finding out usable call records in PBX. Now a days, even voice recording of each calls are possible.

5. Competitive Pricing And quick Set up

With quick setup and quick activation of advanced voice communications systems for any kind of organisation, hosted IVR companies provide better solution to users than traditional PBX manufacturers. A complete wireless office is possible with hosted cloud telephony service providers.

So, hosted IVR companies are now days providing complete business phone system to users, not merely IVR system in the cloud.

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