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Cloud Telephony Service in India

I personally think that “Hosted IVR Service” has been smartly extended to cloud telephony service which sounds better and creates a “developer Eco-system” which looks like an win-win system for all. All IVR Hosting Service Providers now a days seem to provide some options to control telephony functions hosted at somewhere else.

I tried to find out cloud telephony service providers in India Google searching as well as through personal contacts, and found out so many names that I was surprised! Incidentally, I found many of these companies provide built-in telephony service which can be used by their subscribers off-the-self without needing to any development. For example, I found Click to Call and Virtual Receptionist Services are very popular and widely used! I even have an experience, where some people use IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) and VR ( Virtual Receptionist) interchangeably!

After National Telecom Policy 2012, India may see increase in Hosted IVR Services and entry of international, truly Cloud Telephony Service providers like Twilio, Aculab as this policy speaks of allowing VOIP ( Voice Over IP) in India.

With entry of these companies, it would be interesting to watch the development in cloud telephony space in India. Also, quality of service, which is now mostly dependent on basic telephony providers ( PRI lines) by telecom operators in India, might also see huge improvements.

With decreasing VAS (Value Added Service) market in India due to strict activation policies adopted by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority), I think many VAS companies might also migrate to “hosted voice and SMS” ( Short Messaging Service) for corporates.

Over all, we can predict an interesting cloud Telephony Service in coming years in India~

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