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Cloud IVR for Call Management System

I had some interaction with few mobile phone users whose work demands them to keep traveling across cities or inside cities as well as sit in office for some time and since I spoke them about benefits of cloud Telephony of hosted IVR, they came out with few situations which I thought, I should share here. Incidentally, any business people do, work in office most of the times and then visit others offices for meetings.

Cloud IVR As Call Management

Cloud IVR As Call Management

While there are cloud telephony services like hosted call center, virtual receptionist, do it yourself voice applications in the cloud, there is not just a proper product or cloud telephony service for vast individual who need just few simple features in their business phone system, which is easy to configure, manage and see reports occasionally. Or which can send them alerts regularly.

They suggested me to call it Cloud IVR For Call Management System which should have following simple features :

1. Every incoming call should be picked up instantly with own voice based on simple conditions this calls be treated as follows:-
1. Office Hour in working days
a. If not in meeting, instantly forward to personal mobile phone with call whishper
b. If in meeting, take voice mail and send email of the call with voicemail as email attachment.
c. In Meeting should be toggled using a missed call.

2. Non Office Hour or All Holidays
a. Pick up the call and route the call to Voice mail System immediately.
b. Option to manage VIP Caller whose calls would be replied, prompted if their call is urgent, it can be connected to us.
3. Recognise all pesky calls and block them without bothering to pick up.
4. If phone is busy, not reachable, send them to voice mail system.
5. Send call reports to email once daily.

Small business owner will not mind paying some premium for such cloud telephony service which can completely manage all incoming calls to him, including calls from his office.

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  • Fonebell February 26, 2015, 6:29 am

    Dear Uttam,
    Here you have such describe well about Cloud IVR As Call Management System or services. Call management is very helpful way for managing call for small and medium business. It’s a very cost effective and time saving services.


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