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What is CCXML

CCXML (Call Control eXtensible Markup Language) is telephone call flow language in line with VoiceXML which provides telephony control to the voice application written in VoiceXML.

CCXML is completely separate from VoiceXML and work independently from VoiceXML, though they can work together.

CCXML can be thought as an interface between telephony API and voice user interface ( VUI ) written is easy to write and understand markup languages like VoiceXML. Telephony API which comes with CTI ( Computer Telephony Integration) boards and are normally available in C, C++ or other low level languages. So, in order to make development of both call control and voice application easier, CCXML is being standardized which will be more understandable as well as easier to learn.

CCXML provides required various voice call controlling facility like call bridging, call conference, call transfer, handling and monitoring simultaneous calls which are required to develop highly intelligent voice application to cater to real world problems. Presently, only customised voice applications developed specifically for one type of CTI hardware using native API were able to control both telephony calls as well as user call flow.

Using CCXML would provide developers to develop voice application independent of CTI hardware. Using CCXML as well as VoiceXML could provide rapid prototyping and development.
(For complete CCXML specification one may visit : http://www.w3.org/TR/ccxml/)

CCXML seems to be the future of telephony API. With easy availability of manpower who could quickly learn XML than learning C++, CCXML seems to be at right direction for making voice application development easier.

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  • CYRIL ZHANG September 28, 2012, 7:22 pm

    COSMOS SDP CCXML SUPPORTS: HD voice confernece,HD video conference,OBD,ACD,call routing,handling of external event via standard HTTP request,Verious call control:queue,park,hold
    COSMOS SDP VoXML Script Engine: Incorporate with W3C vOxml2.1 compliant engine for rapid service creation. Application can be developed in any common tools such as JSP/ASP in web server.Optomized performance with static call flow cached in local memory.Multiple services can be developed on the same platform
    Extension to support Fax and Video.Defer hangup feature to protect critical part of the code.WEB:ENG.EHANGCOM.COM

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