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IVR in Call Center

Call Centers are actually original IVR Software users, in my opinion. Now a days, no call center can be thought of without a IVR software in place to automate either incoming or outbound calls. IVR Software in Call Center performs many tasks and most of the time, it actually keeps the caller on hold and transfer the call when an agent is free.

Most Call Center uses IVR as a Self Help system where any caller is provided with menu options to choose from. So, IVR Software plays a very important in call center to run it more efficiently and help reduce cost. And most importantly, IVR in call center provides details call records which can be used to measure efficiency of the call center as well as its personnel.

So, if some one is going to set up a new call center or want to increase efficiency in the existing call center, IVR Software is what they should try to use effectively. IVR Sotware in a call center can help them following way :-

1. Self Service System
Most probably, this is the role IVR system plays most often. In a call center too, IVR can attempt to minimize call transfer to human agent. In order to make IVR system more efficient as self service system, it requires to be fine tuned from time to time. One must keep studying the call records in terms of “call completion”, “call abandon” during call and “call transfer” to human agent. There should be minimum of call transfer to human agent, zero call abandon and maximum call completion. But, If an IVR is having around 30% call transfer to human agent, 10% call abandon and 70% call completion rate, I would say, IVR is doing pretty good job!

2. Call Recording

IVR can work as a voice recorder too as soon as it transfers the call to human agent. Before that it my record user activity. Using IVR as voice recorder may decrease the number of channels in IVR System, but it will be very easy to relate voice recording with call logs and agent performance. Some smart IVR system would be even able to capture screen of agent PC and store according to call log. This gives complete details of the call which is easy to analyse how the call went through various steps!

3. Smart Call routing

For any outbound Call Center, Least Cost Routing is one feature which reduces cost of outbound call immediately and increase profitability of any call center.  IVR can easily perform such task and it should be implemented in outbound IVR.

4. Custom Reporting

Custom reporting is one feature which is very beneficial for call center supervisors for analysing performance of human agents as well as call center.

These are few features one should look for in any IVR in Call Center.

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