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Automated Call Back Service and How to Implement it – I

What is automatic call back systems ?

Automatic call back service can be defined as calling back by customer care department of some organisation to its client when it is unable to attend the call by the client or solve the clients problem satisfactorily and make a follow up call later. Call back service is employed majorly in a situation when all agents are busy in a call centre and unable to attend an incoming call.

Caller gets disconnected or gets an information before disconnection that she would be called back in some fixed time. So this way, the caller does not have to hold the phone listening to some ‘Hold Music’. The call centre can also register more such requests instead of giving ‘busy tone’ to callers while dialing the toll free number of customer service.

There are two types of call back services.
1. Automated Call Back Services
2. Manual Call Back Services

1. Automated Call Back Service

Automated call back service is where the caller registers itself for the call back service through various means. The call centre also schedules the automated call back service to the client automatically. It can also inform the caller expected time of call. Some of the methods how this kind of automated call back service is registered :-

a. Call by missed call
Missed Call has become a free tool for message transfer in India specifically.
or call back by submission of form in website. Apart from intentional missed call, there are also instances where some calls go unattended due to all agents being busy.

b. Online Registration

All organisations now a days have a website and every website has a contact us form which includes a text box for phone number too. This form is filled up web visitors and submit the form. This number is then automatically schedule for call back. Some intelligence like calling back in office hour as per visitors timezone, language etc. could also be stored.
Apart of online contact form, there are many online form submission like online registration, online enquiry etc. where automated call back service is scheduled.

2. Manual Call Back Systems

In manual call back services, the phone numbers are collected using ‘offline methods’ like filling up feedback form at shops, restaurants etc. After collecting the name and phone numbers from such forms, it is manually processed and entered in the call back system by a person to schedule the call back service.

With SMS ( short messaging service) becoming very common and known by every mobile phone users, SMS is widely used to alert about the time and subject of the call back service. It prepares the person who is expecting the call back service.

Call back service is beneficial for both the caller as well as the call centre or any company. It captures the enquiry and assures of follow up. Above all, it maintains all records which can be used for various analysis.

In the next part, I would try to explain how to implement automated call back service.

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  • Rameshwar March 5, 2014, 11:59 am

    Can you please tell me what tools or software needed to implement automated callback service.

  • Joji Reddy July 14, 2015, 11:02 am

    We need missed call back service automatically with my advertisement

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