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VBVoice from Pronexus is free for developers now!

Pronexus today announced that their award winning powerful IVR development kit is now available for free along with their announcement of new version VBVoice 7.0 with more features! Whats more, developers will even get two channels free license to be deployed anywhere!

VBVoice 7.0 released and now its free for developers

I think, this revolutionary move is specially aimed at emerging market like India which is very price sensitive. India also has large number of C#, VB.NET developers and with VBVoice being free, India may finally see many IVR developers. Finally, IVR development may go mainstream!

I still remember my conversation with few engineering students a year ago, who asked me how to start IVR development. I advised them that in order to develop IVR Software, one has to be a C++ programmer and also know CTI hardware. I was confronted with few pairs of blank, pleading eyes! They all said, they knew only C3 or VB.NET! They never did any real programming or coding using C++, though many of them read C++ in their Data Structure subject.

Now I can tell anyone, just download VBVoice, use its component/Controls just like a BUTTON in your C# or VB.NET form! And dont worry about those ringing, call pick up, dial tone, engage tone disconnect tone! VBVoice control will take care of them, you concentrate on making your IVR user interface ( IVR Call Flow) more and more user friendly! Also do not forget to use the power of .NET technology provided by Microsoft!

Here is the complete press release from Pronexus :

Pronexus, the developer of the leading Interactive Voice Response (IVR) toolkit Pronexus VBVoice™, announced today a revolutionary move to eliminate barriers to IVR development.

“We are lowering the total cost of IVR development by offering our award-winning IVR toolkit VBVoice free of charge. You can start developing an IVR application without upfront costs. The two runtime licenses included allow you to test and even deploy your application,” said Gary T. Hannah, CEO of Pronexus.

Steve Brown, Pronexus VP of Sales commented: “This change enables Pronexus to rapidly expand its market share especially in emerging geographies like Latin America and Asia. With VBVoice, any small company can afford a quality IVR solution and capitalize on benefits like improved customer service and streamlined internal processes which have an impact on the bottom line. This move also lowers the barrier for mid-sized and large companies to explore what IVR technology can do for their business.”

For complete Press Release Visit this link : Pronexus Eliminates Barriers to Development by Making IVR Toolkit Free, Launches VBVoice 7

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