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Sangoma acquires VegaStream : Competition to Dialogic DiaStar Project ?

Sangoma Technologies Corporation, leading manufacturer of CTI hardware, based in Canada, has announced that it has acquired “the key assets of the VegaStream Group of Companies, a leading UK-based developer of VOIP gateway appliances”, as per News Release on Sangoma Website!

Sangoma Acquires VegaStream

VegaStream, started in 1998, supplies Vega gateways ( VOIP Gateway) are based on international communications standards, including SIP and H.323 to deliver an open and non-proprietary VoIP solution that can be seamlessly integrated alongside existing communications investments.

Sangoma expects the VegaStream assets to begin to contribute to the company’s earnings during the second half of fiscal 2012 once it has integrated these operations and ramped up production, and be accretive for fiscal 2013.

For complete Press Release : Visit Here.

Most probably, with this acquisition, Sangoma would be able to compete Dialogic Project DiaStar Open source project. It would be interesting now to watch how Sangoma uses award winning VOIP Gateways from VegaStream to compete with Dalogic DiaStar!

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