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Pronexus Launches VBVoice7.1: Play audio without connecting

The completely free, windows based IVR Toolkit VBVoice by Pronexus has released 7.1 with support for 64 bit operating systems which will allow IVR developers to take advantage of features in 64bit OS like Windows 7.

Pronexus Lunches VBVoice with enhanced capability

Another significant and important feature addition in this, playing audio without connecting the incoming call! Previously, in traditional IVR, in order to play any audio file, the incoming call must be connectedv thereby starting the billing charge to the caller/or the company if tollfree, with new VBVoice 7.1, not anymore with an enhanced VBVoice feature called SIP Early Media!

In a country like, where “missed call” has become mass mobilization tool, information exchange tool, this new feature where caller can hear voice in a “missed call”, one can expect few more great innovations!

Here is the complete press release :

New IVR Responds to Industry Need for 64 Bit Support and adds New Early Media Feature and Easy Installer

OTTAWA, ON, Oct. 13, 2011 – Pronexus, the developer of the leading Interactive Voice Response (IVR) toolkit Pronexus VBVoice™, announced today the launch of VBVoice 7.1, the newest release of their no charge, award-winning IVR software.

“We are fully committed to supporting the latest technology in the IVR and telephony industry,” said Gary Hannah, President and CEO of Pronexus. “We’re excited for new and current VBVoice developers to try all that VBVoice 7.1 has to offer. We truly appreciate our long term partners who provided us guidance in adding an express installer, 64-bit support and a new major capability, Early Media. This release is our most advanced yet. It’s that great two-way feedback with our valued customers that has made Pronexus a leader in the IVR market for 17 plus years!”

VBVoice now allows you to harness the power of 64-bit systems for your Interactive Voices Response applications and take advantage of the latest Windows operating platform. VBVoice 7.1 creates a stable environment for developers who want to run complex and demanding VBVoice applications. 64-bit operating systems enable production of larger processing projects with improved performance.

“We develop IVR applications for many different companies, so being able to have multiple VBVoice applications on one computer simultaneously is essential. With VBVoice’s new 64-bit system support I am able to run numerous IVR applications on one machine with zero slowdown,” said Kurosh Sahraie of Central Touch.

VBVoice 7.1 includes a new express installer that allows VBVoice users to set up the software faster and easier. It has never been this simple to setup a new VBVoice development or production system. Our new silent installer option is great for those required to deploy on IVR servers hosted at customer sites. The ability to hide VBVoice Start Menu options means your IVR application stands out as the final product.

With Early Media, the caller will not be charged until the call is accepted and connected. It allows you to provide interaction between your IVR and an inbound caller before actually connecting the call.

“The express installer adds a new level of simplicity to getting your voice applications up and running. It took only a couple of minutes to install and setup the software, then I was able to start developing our voice messaging application,” said John Pope, President of CenturiSoft.”

Also new in the release is an enhanced VBVoice feature called SIP Early Media, which allows the caller to hear the IVR before the voice call is actually connected. Early Media allows you to provide interaction between your IVR and an inbound caller before actually connecting the call. Now, the caller will not be charged until the call is accepted and connected. This feature proves useful in scenarios where callers are billed for connected calls to your IVR, for example, you require a message be delivered to the caller prior to the connection for information, legal and billing purposes.

“Early Media is a great new VBVoice feature that is perfect for my IVR applications that require per-call billing. With Early Media, I can tell a caller that reaches my IVR that they will be charged before the charges begin. This gives my clients ample time to have payment out, and eliminates the potential for misunderstandings,” said Stefano Favaro, Application Developer at Edistar, a long-standing Pronexus customer.

VBVoice integrates with Microsoft® Visual Studio leveraging familiar programming skills and industry-standard programming languages. It combines an easy-to-use visual call flow environment with fully programmable controls and options like speech recognition and text-to-speech.

VBVoice comes with everything a developer needs to kick start their IVR project, including the award-winning VBVoice IVR toolkit, 2 free VBVoice runtimes for testing, 10 days of free technical support from Pronexus’ IVR experts and a free online training demo. VBVoice is available to download at no charge at www.pronexus.com.

About Pronexus:

Since 1994, Pronexus has delivered proven voice applications and IVR development tools that developers rely on to help them integrate voice with business systems, including unified communications, customer relationship management and field service automation systems. http://www.pronexus.com.


Pronexus Vice President of Sales announcing the release of VBVoice 7.1
Chief Architect, Valentin Doroga, talking about the latest release of IVR toolkit, VBVoice 7.1
Pronexus Support Manager, Sean White, discussing the latest release of the award winning IVR toolkit VBVoice

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