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Advertising on www.ivrsworld.com is a good opportunity for CTI board manufacturers, IVR related companies, IVR products, Hosted IVR Service providers to reach very niche web visitors and generate serious online business leads.

Few Benefits of advertising on www.ivrsworld.com :-

1. It is the only blog dedicated to IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) in the world. It has completed three years in August 2011. Over the period of time, it has grown loyal readers who are in the IVR industry ( 250+ of registered readers from IVR industry all around the world).

2. This IVR blog publishes mostly original articles ( 220+ now) on IVR, CTI boards, tips on IVR programming, IVR RAD Tools, IVR best practices, IVR applications as well as current affairs of IVR industry. It also publishes interesting IVR related articles submitted by readers.

3. This IVR blog ranks well on Google and other search engines. It has been mentioned in other authoritative websites related to IVR industry, CTI boards etc. It can provide genuine SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) benefit to IVR related websites. Almost 40% visitors come to visit this site by searching keywords “IVR” and “IVRS”.

4. Many IVR programmers/Students regularly visit this website and participate in discussions.

5. Recent statistics shows, it has visitors 45% from India and rest 55% from all around the world with bulk from US, Canada and Europe.

6. Since it is very niche blog, it caters to exclusive kind of web visitors and recent statistics shows, it has 6500+ unique visitors a month with 78% visitors coming from search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing. During week days, it gets 260+ unique visitors.

CTI Board manufacturers, IVR Development, Call center, IVR related companies, IVR products, IVR services may CONTACT now for featured link or top header banner.

Blog Stats

Here are some of the stats you may be interested in about ivrsworld.com and the Stats are increasing day by day:

* Ranks well on Google/Yahoo/Bing Search Engine for keywords like IVRS, IVR System, IVR Companies, CRBT, CTI Board etc.
* Alexa Ranking – 1,320,370
* Alexa Ranking – 1,040,439
Alexa Ranking – 942,611
* Alexa Ranking – 690,237
* Alexa Ranking – 627,911
* Alexa Ranking – 418,291
* Google Page Rank : 3, many inside pages are also ranked 2.
* 244+ Plus quality Posts
* 1000+ Plus quality comments
* 300+ registered readers who are IVR professionals

If you have any question about advertising, contact me or mail me at mail@ivrsworld.com

Few General Rules

* Don’t accept advertisements which are NOT RELATED to IVR, IVR System, Call Center, CTI Board, IVR usability, IVR Development tools.
* All ads will be shown on website once the payment is completed.
* Accept all payments into my Paypal account or wired transfer.
* Ensure 99.99 uptime and hosted on VPS ( MediaTemple).
* ivrsworld.com will not be responsible for products, services advertised on this site.
* If anyone wants us to endorse a product, send a sample, allow 2 months for testing.

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Last updated : 16 May 2011.
Last updated : 3rd July 2011.
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Last updated : 23 April 2012.