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Using IVRS in Complaint Management System

One of the best usage of IVRS is Complaint Management. Using IVRS in complaint management is a real value addition in customer care operation. Any organization which has reasonably large number of customers should go for IVRS. Here is how one can use IVRS in complaint management:-

1. Caller call up complaint number of the company and lodges his complaint, he gets a complaint number generated automatically by IVRS. Also IVRS will announce expected date of rectification or call back by the company.
2. Customer calls again. This time he checks for his status of previous complaint. IVRS retrieves the complaint status and announces accordingly.
3. Customer has option to transfer the call to human agent or transfer the call to other departments.

So with the above example, it is pretty explanatory that IVRS can be used for complaint management in any industry. Attached is a small call flow diagram for Faulty Telephone Number Complaint.

Call Flow Diagram for complaint Management

Call Flow Diagram for complaint Management

The above call flow is pretty simple! Here is some detailed call flow of complaint management.

1. Customer calls Complaint Number of the company. IVRS prompts the client to enter customer identification number of serial number of the product.
2. If customer ID is entered by Caller, it will check if any previous/recent complaints are there. If yes, it will announce the status, elese IVRS speaks out list of equipments purchased by the customer and asks to enter the faulty one. And continue with #4 below. Else continue #3.
3. If customer enters serial number of a product
4. IVRS will announce list of commonly known problems, faults of the product and asks for choosing one among them. Also this will have option to record the complaint in voice.


4. IVRS records the choice by the customer, record the voice if any, and then store the above information in a database, generated a complaint number along with tentative rectification date and announces them to the customer.
5. As soon as customer hangs up, IVRS will create a complete database record and send out an email to the concerned person.
6. Another great enhancement is SMS. Once a customer lodges a complaint, an automatic SMS would go to his Mobile Number along with Complaint Number and expected rectification date.
7. IVRS will have record of all call activities as well as complaint MIS. This will help management of the company in improving customer care as well as monitor employee performance.
8. The IVRS can also be integrated with existing CRM or web based complaint management system.

There are many IVRS companies who can deliver such a solution as above. But integrating SMS and existing CRM is not that easy. Niche Tech Services (P) Ltd is one such company which specializes in customise IVRS as well as SMS and existing CRM integration.

The above two examples can be extended to any industry.

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  • Jessica May 7, 2010, 2:45 pm

    IVR is also useful in call management system.Call management is one of the most challenging jobs in any company. Companies are investing hugely in technology to improve the quality of service. Investing in technology is beneficial when it is applied intelligently. Before implementing complex features to hosted telephony it is important that you provide a well defined menu for the caller to choose. Days when calls were answered by operators are absolute. They are replaced by IVR an interactive voice response system that offers a wide array of options to choose with regards to different support and services offered by the company. IVR is a part of any 0800 numbers, 0844 numbers, 0845 numbers and 03 numbers.

    Interactive Voice Response menu is the first introduction of your company to your customer. A clearly defined IVR menu is sure a strike favorable impression because it doesn’t confuse them; caller lands at the right department and with the right staff. If the IVR menu is not clear and callers face difficulty in putting across their enquiries and queries to the right department then it will negate their mind for using the company’s products and services. A defective IVR menu will lead to restricted enquiries as customers will not be able to reach the right desk where they can get clear instructions.
    Hence IVR is sometimes considered the backbone of any call management system.

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