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Presently, IVRS has been thought mainly as a system to handle Incoming voice calls. But recently, IVRS is explosively growing as an Outbound Solution too.

A Typical Flow of outbound IVR is :

1. IVR Application picks up a phone number from database.

2. Makes the outbound calls

3. Announces the programmed voice file as soon as the dialed party picks the phone.

4. Waits for response if any , from the dialed party.

5. Disconnects and picks up the next number from database.

This kind of flow has many applications. Outbound IVRS are mainly used for

1. Voice alternative as SMS Alert.

2. Automatic Dialer.

3. Automatic Call back.

Call Centers are using outbound IVR applications to notify customers about status of their lodged complaint which also gives them options for updating and feedback about the complaint.

Many people are finding it useful and quite innovative.

Outbound IVR can also be used for automatic phone poll. It will be great for people who want to conduct phone-poll as respondants do not need to call to respond to the poll.

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  • Ananth March 13, 2012, 7:57 pm

    Can you please give us the names of companies which offer IVRS as SAAS. Our need: Whenever an issue is lodged in our website with a certain priority, a call has to be made to a number either in India or US based the the criteria.

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