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Configuring Synway and Dialogic SS7 cards

Recently I had successfully configured Synway SHD-240D-CT/PCI ( PDF File). I thought I would share my experience of configuring Synway SS7 card and configuring Dialogic SPC DNI2410 cards.

First, we are very grateful to Synway for giving us the demo card for testing and development our application. The card was given to us for a month, but it ended with us for more than 6 months! Here is chronicle of events how we configured SHD-240D-CT/PCI card using one SS7 link, from BSNL ( Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited).

1. Downloaded the latest driver for SHD-240D-CT/PCI. It was easy to locate the driver and download.
2. Installed the driver on our IBM X3400 Server with Windows 2003 Server. Quite easy!
3. Then I wrote an email to tech support of Synway informing we are new with Synway Card, so we need some step-by-step instruction of getting started.
4. Within 12 hours, they sent back documents with screen shots which explains clearly what steps to be taken. No editing of .txt or.cfg file!
5. I followed the instructions and wow, surprise! It actually worked! I mean I could see the Network Connected MTP messages being exchanged in the log! And try find out some STEP by STEP guide of getting started of any Dialogic cards for a newbie!

But no calls were landing! So I shot of an email again. They asked for remote access! after remote access it took one hours by the tech support person to land calls on the card and we could see CLIs, call statuses etc.!

The configuration was over in 5 days time! Actual time spent was less than 10 hours. Bottom line is, we could configure the Card in 10 hours.

We also configured Dialogic SPCI4! It took us 2 months to configure with same link, same operator! Dialogic event sent one engineer at our site and he spent one full week, it was finally configured though! Here are few difference we noticed:-

1. In case of Synway, all parameters have visual configuration tools. While in case of Dialogic, they have only .txt files to be edited using editor. No visual tool.
2. Synway has all monitoring/debugging facility built in on the configuration tools itself. While in Dialogic, one has to execute different EXE files for different logging of events and than debug!
3. It was easy STEP by STEP instruction available for Synway, but Dialogic has too big software, difficult to remember executable files, configuration files.

My overall experience is, configuring Synway was much faster, easier, more user friendly than Dialogic. We are yet to put the Synway Card on live system. We are still running our IVRS Application on SPCI4 and DNI2410 ( The Royal Combination for Voice Portal) and it is handling around 10 to 12K calls daily on our voice portal. We have been quite happy with the performance of the cards. How Synway Card performs here will be interesting.

Now the cost part. Single line is, Synway costs half the price of Dialogic with almost same resources and features. I will try to prepare a comparison chart between Synway SHD-240D-CT/PCI and Dialogic SPCI4/DNI2410 in my next posts!

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  • MANPREE SINGH November 29, 2010, 1:06 pm

    I am not able to open or download PDF from given link please send me PDF on my mail ID as soon as possible

  • abhinav June 12, 2012, 5:37 pm

    there is no information regarding architecture or design used to develop the IVR like SS7 or ISDN

    plzz give detail abt them also

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