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invox : interesting visual tool to develop IVR application

What is Invox ?
Invox is visual tool using which one can create a call flow of voice application ( IVR Application) and implement it without any coding in any language like VXML, VoicePHP or C++! It is an online web based tool which allows user to log in and design his voice application as per his requirement graphically, test it on Invox hosted IVR server and save it or start using it by buying a new phone connection!
Invox uses simple drag-and-drop method to add “greetings” on call connect, call transferring on DTMF press, data retrieval from database etc.!

So, one does not worry about specification of voice application, learning a language and than coding, just put together all ‘building blocks’ for any voice application visually and launch your IVR service!

It seems, Invox is the easiest and fastest tool design, test and deploy any voice applications as they rightly claim. I also signed up after a telephonic discussion Mr. Sreedhar from Invox who spent his time to teach and give me a demo of whole Invox thing!

It was a good experience to drag building blocks ( I always thought IVR building blocks are some API or class in C++ which needed to be included in any new IVR project) of IVR to create complete, fully functional voice application right from call pick up, welcome message, call transfer, information presentation after retrieving from database and call disconnect!

After trying myself few more times alone, I think Invox is the best visual tool for specifying and developing any voice application. I found it has many useful features as well advantages for non-technical person or any one who is not trained in IVR applications!

Few advantages I could think of :-
1. It provides the quickest time to implement a call flow any IVR application. In fact, when using Invox, designing the call flow is implementing the call flow as well!

2. Testing is very easy and convenient. Once the whole call flow is designed using Invox visual tool ( they call “phone system”), one can start testing with a single click! So, I think Invox provides the shortest time to go live with IVR system.

3. Since Invox offers visual tool for any kind of voice application, Invox can be the ideal solution for any hosted IVR service provider. When using Invox, hosted IVR provider will be able to setup any IVR application for their clients quickly, provide sample demo to prospective client in quickest possible time, easily give live presentation to anyone!

Invox Visual IVR Designer Tool

Invox Visual IVR Designer Tool

4. Old timer like me who belong to old school of development, to quote Mr. Charles King, using Visio to prepare call flow and then develop the IVR application, would like Invox as we do not need to learn VXML for specifying voice application but use Visio kind of ‘blocks’ to make IVR call flow! As per Mr. Sreedhar, Invox can generate a VXML code too, from a Invox “Phone System”.

5. It has many features to integrate with CRM, third party database, call routing, IM alerts etc.

So, does Invox have any Disadvantage ? Here are few I think where it has some limitations.

1. It is still in BETA!
2. It can not be used for smaller IVR systems with limited budget to be deployed on premise.
3. Still not available in India!
4. One still need to know about database query and type them!
5. Not sure how it integrates with CTI boards and if it supports majority of the CTI boards.

If you want to test drive, you may just sign up and test yourself!

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  • Walter Botman January 8, 2010, 2:48 pm

    This looks very similar to the Service Creation Environment of Comsys.

    However it looks like the Service Creation Environment of Comsys can do much more, such as copy and paste nodes, copy and paste tree’s, disconnect nodes/trees temporarily, create shortcuts, “Goto” functionality (jump to another dialogue), create and set your own variables, pass variables to other applications and more.

    It is not in Beta but already active at some clients, at the beginning of this year (2010) a new version has been released.

    For more information see: http://www.comsys.net/?page=sce.htm&submenu=products

    Or contact Comsys: sales@comsys.net

  • Uttam Pegu January 8, 2010, 6:57 pm

    Hi Walter,
    Thank you for the link and feedback!

    I have downloaded the document Service Creation Environment Manual. Looks interesting from the document and similar with Invox. Could you provide some online demo account to check ?

    Uttam Pegu

  • Anil Gupta January 9, 2010, 12:03 am

    Uttam – thanks for blogging about us. Really appreciate it.

    Walter – not to undermine your tool, Invox does has copy, paste, disconnect (just delete the links and drag and drop and connect), goto (between phone systems) and transferring even phone systems to other users, variables, pass variables to REST, get updated etc. Also from what i read, I see that the comsys tool is not web driven and requires a download.

    Remember, we never did this for just VXML developers and we kept the advanced functionality integration with database, REST and others.

    Coming to beta, Invox does have thousands of customers using it for their PBX for last 2-3 years. However, we haven’t yet released the platform open to the users.

    We released this during the IT Expo show and won Best of the show last Sept.

    About the hosting, we keep numbers from 40 different countries to be added to your phone system.


  • Jarek Karciarz January 15, 2010, 1:26 pm

    did you see the Osimatic Osidial IVR? It comes with visual call flow editor as well. drag-drop, what you want. Very large number of various functions. Below is the link to online presentation:

  • Cyril Zhang June 23, 2012, 4:56 pm

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