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Top 5 Tips for effective use of IVRS in Call Center

IVRS is supposed to be force multiplier in the filed of customer service in a call center. But is your IVRS increasing customer satisfaction or has become an irritant to your caller ? Here are five Tips to make your IVRS a force multiplier in your call center.

1. CRM Integration

You must integrate your CRM with IVRS! Without integrating your IVRS with Call center, you can not say really that IVRS is improving customer service.  Integrating with CRM gives IVRS the features like identifying the caller with his all information and customer does not need to enter his identification details. This will shorten the time to serve the customer and customer will also stick to IVRS.

2. Allow Call Transfer to Human Agent

At any point of time, customer must be given option to speak to a customer care human executive! Many a time, caller knows that he has to speak to human agent only to explain his requirements or problem, and then if he does not find any option to speak to live agent, he might simply turn to your competitor. This is specifically true for general purpose call center or customer care. One must do a fine balance with call screening with live agent call transfer.

3. Never Ask Customer Details Twice

In many IVRS, it is observed that customer has to enter his details for using IVRS and and then when he is transferred to a human agent, he needs to repeat his customer details again to the human agent! Never ever do that! This will irritate the customer to no end and your customer care center may turn into customer irritation center. It may happen also when customer goes back to IVRS main menu and then he may require to enter his customer details again, never do that.

4. Precise and To the Point

Be precise and to the point in presenting any information. Also make navigation menus short, easy to navigate.  You should keep an option to transfer the call to a human agent at every level as well as go back to main menu. Long menu will scare away the caller and he would tend to forget the options.

5. IVRS Information

Always keep an Help Option the main menu. It should have information about the IVRS itself and what customer can expect from it and what not! Also give caller the approximate time for connecting to live agent! I would suggest you not to play prompts like “Your Call is important to us, please be online while we are connecting your call to customer care officer.”, this kind of message if repeated many times, may infuriate a caller, specially when the caller has a complaint.

The above list of five is not exhaustive! But the bottom line of most effective use of IVRS is : Customise your IVRS as per your business.

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