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IVRSWORLD.COM is now 5 years old!

IVRWORLD.COM – World’s first dedicated IVR blog has turned 5 years old today! We started this blog on 23rd August 2008 and it has completed 5 years of existence!

This blog was started when we did not find much information about IVR, specially how to build IVR, in internet, way back in 2008. in 2008, though whole western world was using IVR for almost every business, in India, IVR was either used in call centre or as voice based VAS.

In last five years, IVR has changed with entry of cloud telephony providers! Incidentally, many of the large IVR companies now in India are younger than this IVR Blog!

Happy Birth Day, IVRS World blog – World’s only dedicated IVR blog! We wish to thank you our readers, well wishers and advertisers for being able to survive for this long period!

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  • srikrishna bhat August 24, 2013, 4:42 pm

    Dear Uttam,
    You have been doing a great job of increasing the awareness of IVRS.
    Wishing you long and continued success.
    B. Srikrishna Bhat.

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