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Comparing IVR Industry to Fashion Industry!

Yes, you have seen the title of this post right!, No typo mistake or any other mistake! I was wondering if IVR industry can be compared with any other industry and for some reason fashion industry came to my mind, pretty quickly before any other industry!

Here are few reasons why I felt IVR industry can be compared with Fashion Industry:-

1. As in Fashion industry, IVR industry too has designers who design call flow! Fashion designers design some clothes, accessories, apparels which has wide application ind ay to day life! Similarly, IVR VUI designers design various IVR systems which have wide applications in a practical life!

2. Designing any apparel requires not only technical expertise, but also artistic creativity! Same almost goes for IVR designing which involves in script writing to recording voice prompts by voice over artist in a studio!

3. Like in fashion industry, lot of design improvements in IVR are done after users feedback! And users of the both products do not care about the hard work put in by designers, developers and only care about the end product and how people are reacting to it!

4. Designers in a fashion industry design clothes for masses as well as classes! IVR designers too have to design their IVR for all, some smart users as well as not-so smart users! Many of the times fashion designers target their designs for high income groups. Some IVRs are also used in banking and some minimum knowledge like English language, Knowledge of Telephony jargon etc are expected from their users!

5. The way fashion industry uses raw materials to produce a product, in IVR industry too, raw materials like CTI boards, PCs or Servers and Software required to produce the complete IVR system!

These are the reasons why some time I feel like comparing IVR industry to Fashion industry! What Industry comes to your mind when you feel like comparing IVR industry to ?

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