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Comment Policy of IVR World Blog

I encourage people to comment on this IVR blog! One of the objectives of this blog is to share, discuss about IVR and comment on any posts are one way of doing it.

But, recently, I have been getting many similar comments which are undoubtedly self promotional in nature and pure marketing comments which does not add any value to this blog. I have been getting such feedback from many old readers. While, I personally do not object such promotional comments, but I feel, there should be some limit. Too much of everything is bad.

So, I thought of formulating some comment policy for this blog. Your feedback would be highly welcome:-

a. Comments are welcome in this blog as long as it is relevant to the post, topic. Any one can comment as long as they enter a valid EMail Address. I use Akismet Automatic Spam filtering WordPress Plugin but regularly check comments put as Spam too.

b. Normally, I authorise comments for any new commenter who does not have already approved comment. Some time it may take some time to appear in the blog as I am unable to come online all the time.

c. I would like to encourage relevant links in the comments. Akismet may consider links inside the comment as spam, but normally, I check and allow them. I discourage Irrelevant links in the comments. I also discourage personal details like phone numbers in comment as it may be misused by some one. So one should avoid giving out personnel phone numbers.

d. We never send out marketing emails to EMail IDs of the commenter. And the EMail ID is visible to me only and I do not share them with anybody except it is an enquiry for service.

e. While I do not block or delete comments “requesting IVR help”, but I encourage them to use Contact Me option. I prefer to exchange mails for any IRV Related queries.

f. One may use his signature, company details etc. while commenting.

g. I discourage “Marketing Speech” type comment in this blog. While I normally do not block or delete such comments, but I may start doing so in future.

I personally believe comment can build your reputation, or the company you represent. Too much marketing or promotional comment may result in negative reputation.

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  • Yusuf March 21, 2012, 4:45 pm

    well good idea, i have got the same spmamming issue with my blogs, and same as you i check all my comments everyday

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