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Auto Dialer should be smart with computational power of IVR

Recently, I have been getting lot of calls ( around 10 calls a day from Airtel DTH ) from their auto dialer reminding me to renew my DTH ( Direct To Home) TV subscription. I had called them up, sent them email and explained to their human agents that I have two connections and I am living alone for last few months and that will continue for next few months. So they should stop calling me to renew as I have the other DTH connection working. A single person can watch one TV only!

While Airtel people agreed with my logic and assured me of not calling again, but their pesky calls did not stop! I again shot of email to their customer care demanded to be contacted by some senior person only. Some senior person called me up, I explained him again, he asked me to ignore those calls as they are system generated and they can not stop those calls! Wow! such is technology Airtel deploys, which boasts of largest mobile subscriber base in India that they can not put an small intelligence in their auto dialer!

I would have loved to meet the person who designed Airtel’s auto dialer and explained him about IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) technology and how it is easy to build an smart Auto Dialer where he would be able to put all kinds of intelligence, including typical case like mine.

I would have also explained him, with cloud telephony, how he could develop his auto dialer easily with any language he knows to code, quickly.

Auto dialer without computational power of an IVR is like buying MIG-21 for Air Force in this age of Sukhoi SU-30MKI! And if some one is still using auto dialer like that of Airtel DTH uses, well be prepared to be a laughing stock as well as be ready face abuse from irate customers!

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