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Single Click for Sending Multiple Greetings in this festival Season

Come Christmas time, this year, many small business owners along the length and breadth of the country will be using their mobile phones for sending voice greetings, pressing the send button only once. The people behind this Christmas service at Knowlarity Communications were also the first to bring cloud based telephony in India.

The holiday season, starting from the fourth week in November and continuing till the last week of December, is that time of the year when businesses show their appreciation to customers in attractive promotions and greetings for customers continued patronage. Historically, businesses have been using email service for this purpose, but the trend now is towards more personalization, and hence the fashion of using SMS messaging of late.

By subscribing to this service, SMEs will be able to send voice recorded Christmas greetings to multiple contacts at the push of a button, saving them the time and effort of typing message one by one. Moreover, messages sent through this system can be personalized to a greater extent helping businesses provide that human touch so missing in convention Christmas greetings.

The campaign, featuring on various social media platforms, is expected to reach out to many SMEs, providing them with a telephone number, which on calling trigger a SMS message inviting the caller to visit the landing page of the campaign. Early visitors will receive a surprise gift.

Once the user has registered for the service on the landing page they will be taken to new page which will prompt them to enter contact details of the receiver of the message/greeting. On completing of the formalities each user will be provided with unique telephone number which they will have to call to trigger message service.

With smart-phones outselling more than desktops more and more apps will be targeted to the smart – phone user. More people will want to manage work/life on their smart-phone. One click send Christmas Greetings reiterates new work/life equations.

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