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Developing an Outbound IVR Application

There are few basic difference between outbound and inbound IVR Application. Normal IVR Application deals with inbound calls and call transferring. But an outbound IVR performs the few more tasks than an Inbound IVRS! And this is purely call handling point of View.

Though inbound application may have to do more computation as it has wider applications. But outbound calls have greater challenges in development. Here are few points to ponder about developing an outbound IVR Software:

1. Outbound calls may encounter various called parties! For example, the number dialed may turn out to be FAX number, so as soon as your call gets connected, IVR will get a FAX tone! So IVR has to detect FAX tone and and take appropriate action! It is specially important where outbound calls are payable as well as the usage time needs proper recording! It may face not only FAX, but also voice mail, answering machine, call forwarding etc.

2. Starting the message ( playback audio file ) after connection is very crucial! For example, if you detect FAX tone, you need to disconnect, not play the message! Same for Voice Mail, Answering Machine.

3. Deciding the type of card is also important. According to me, digital cards are better suited that analog cards. Here by digital cards, I am meaning digital interface like ISDN, R2MF, SS7! CTI cards are of course digital! Digital CTI boards can perform better in detecting FAX tone, Voice Mail, Answering Machine! Also, they give quick disconnection which important for call accounting.

4. Call synchronization is important. As outbound IVR Application will dial out multiple number simultaneously and some calls will be unsuccessful, which need to be retried! These kind of mechanism should be important and properly taken care of.

Few Features which are useful in an outbound IVR Application:

1. Outbound IVR application should have call transfer facility as an option just like inbound IVR application.

2. It should also have called party interaction through DTMF or Speech recognition.

3. The messages should be short and quick.

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