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Voice Automation System for Airlines

One business process which is likely continue in near future is, alerting a customer about change of any status in her lodged task or availed services. For example, the lodged task could be like flight ticket, wait listed train ticket, service complaint, banking credit/debit or any other services. A flight may be delayed due to many reasons and it becomes very important for air lines to intimate the customer about the delay to avoid an agonising wait at the airport. Such unwanted wait not only annoys the customer, but it can also cost money to the airlines.

There are many ways to avail any of the above services. For example one may book flight ticket using the following ways :-
Various platform are available for lodging complaints
1. Smartphone APP
2. Website
3. Mail
4. Email
5. Phone Call to airlines ticketing division.
6. Personal Visit to airlines sales office

While a customer can keep checking their flight status by following ways: –
1. Smartphone App : It get give out alert
2. Logging into website of the airlines
3. Dialing to self help IVR number
4. Visit the airlines office by some one.
5. Sending a text message.

But none of the above may be a fool proof practical solution where Airlines can ensure that the important information is sent to the customer and log that the customer has heard it. Thanks to voice call, which is very intrusive, Airlines can now ensure that customer has been informed successfully by using IVR based outbound call alert.

Sending text message requires he client to have a mobile phone. While it this age of mobile phone, almost everyone will have a mobile phone to receive text message or SMS, but the airlines may not ensure that the text message is read in time by the customer. The same goes to Smart Phone App. It may alert the smartphone user, but customer may ignore it for one or other reasons.

The same is true for website. Customer may not login to website to check flight status and also she may not dial to airlines customer care to inquire about flight status. It is also not practical to expect a customer to visit airlines office.

So, in order to provide pro-active and better customer service, Airlines needs to inform its customer in case of flight delay, ticket confirmation in case of wait-listed ticket or flight cancellation/refund.

Using outbound Voice call, Airlines can ensure that the customer picks the call, hear out the total information. IVR based outbound Voice Call can give precise report like as below :

1. What time the call was made to the customer
2. Either the customer picked the call or not
3. If picked up what was the time duration of the call
4. Whether the call duration matches the duration of voice message containing the required Air Line information or not.

The last information is very crucial for Airlines using which it can reasonably be satisfied that the customer has been delivered successfully with the latest airline information as per her ticket booking. Ozonetel, a premiere cloud IVR provider in India, provides simple ways to perform this voice automation system. Ozonetel Sign up here to take demo now for absolutely free!

This kind of voice automation can be extended to many services like complaint management system, phone banking system etc.

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