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Complaint Management System: who must use them

Complaint Management System is a business process where normally existing customers lodge complaints for the products, services. It is always triggered by customers and has to logged by the the product supplier or service provider and resolve the complaints and then close complaint.

Complaint Management System

Complaint Management System

This is part of post sales/post installation business process which deals after sales service and customer satisfaction. Automating this process not only increase customer satisfaction for speedy complaint resolution and reduce cost, but it also help analysis complaint data and improve the product or services.

Industries which must use Complaint Management System:-

1. Industrial Townships
Industrial Township are complete township where many families live, normally in outskirt of a city. Maintaining industrial township, they must use Complaint Management System.

2. City Development Authority/Municipal Corporations
These authorities provides many services to citizens like water supply, power supply, sewerage, streetlight etc. and a complaint management system for these services is a must where it can automate complaints from citizens, analyse them and improve their services.

3. E-Governance Projects
E-Governance projects are citizen friendly initiatives by modern democratic government where many government services are offered to citizens by using internet. It improves governance, reduce cost, governance more transparent and accountable. Complaint Management System should be part of any E-governance project as it will help monitoring the services as well as improve it.

4. Mobile Manufacturer
Mobile phones are one of those products which are widely used. Mobile manufacturer must have very good complaint management system so as to serve its customers as well as improve their mobile phones by analyzing complaint types/details.

5. Home Appliance Manufactures

Another essential industry for modern homes, they must use complaint management system for providing better after-sales service and analytics of customer complaints.

6. Banking and Financial Institutions

While banking and financial institutions may not afford to make any mistakes in their services, still they must use complaint management system in order to delay in services, imporve accountability, increase efficiency and improve services.

7. Utility Service Providers

Utility service providers like electricity, water, cleaning etc must use complaint management
system for acquiring fault information as well as improve services.

Almost every industry that deals with customers, governance that provides services to citizens must have a complaint management system. They should use many methods to allow customers/citizens lodge their complaints, grievances. For example, over the counter, through telephone, website, email, social media etc.

IVR based complaint management system is one of the best solutions for complaint lodging as it does not cost anything to the customer to lodge a complaint.

Having a complaint management system improves customer satisfaction, help improve product and service delivery. If you provide any service or sell any product, you must have a complaint management in place!

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