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Usage of ‘Missed Call’ in Restaurants

Missed Call has found many applications in various industries. While ‘Missed Call’ has been used widely for polls, voting till now, it is now being used by restaurants too.

One of the main advantage of Missed Call system is that, it is zero cost to the caller as well as to the Missed Call Service owner ( Almost )! Those who give Missed Call ( dial the number, listen a ring and disconnect) does not have to pay anything.

The Missed Call Service owner need to invest in hardware as well as Missed Call IVR Software, but apart from that does not have any operating cost! With availability of hosted Missed Call Services at very competitive prices with excellent online near live reporting system, owning a Missed Called System by anyone has become very affordable as well as easy way of engaging with customers.

Restaurants can use Missed Call Service for the following:-

1. Booking a Table

Just give a missed call to book a table and restaurants will either call you back for confirmation or send a confirmation SMS. Restaurants build up loyal customer base.

2. Avail Discounts

Customer can give a Missed Call to Restaurant’s Missed Call number and avail discounts in their food bill. Not many people feel comfortable asking discount in hotels, but with a missed call, its easy and assured.

3. Rate Food Quality

Give a missed call as to register your opinion on the food just served by restaurant by giving a missed call to anyone out of five missed call numbers, printed in your bill! Restaurants get instant feedback on food quality and improve.

So, if you have a restaurants, engage with your customer using Missed Call System for loyal customers!

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  • chetan June 25, 2014, 10:57 am

    Creative use of missed call… Nice.

  • LeadXtel Pvt Ltd October 17, 2017, 6:02 pm

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