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How political parties can use inbound IVR

Presently, outbound IVR ( Interactive Voice response) System is widely used in India as well as around the world by candidates in any democratic election in order to reach their electorate in the form of bulk voice call or broadcasting voice messages. In India, many political parties deploy Bulk Voice service during election campaign asking people to vote for their candidates.

But instead of using IVR only to broadcast voice message, political parties can also use inbound IVR in various ways to connect with their electorate regularly, instead of reaching out only during election. Now a days, even in India, many political parties are using websites to register members online, collect donations along with informing achievements their party agenda, achievements, leaders etc.

How inbound IVR can be used ?

Political parties can use inbound IVR for few specific ways. Some of them are :-

1. Register New members with phone numbers

Inbound IVR can be used to register new members with verified phone number. The phone number detected by Caller ID can be used as a verified phone number by the new registrant which is better than online web based registration where fraudulent registration may require manual verification. For more about IVR registration process, one may click the link.

2. Providing Information about the political party

Caller to the IVR number of the political party may be provided with options to listen to election manifesto, vision documents, party constitution as well as latest news about the party. It can be IVR portal to provide any kind of party information in voice format to any one having a telephone or mobile connection.

Apart from normal news, IVR could also be used to provide clarification to any controversial news about the party so that their is no confusion on the controversial topic in the electorate. This will increase confidence in the party as well as remove any malicious rumour.

3. Listen to speeches by key party leaders

Some important speeches delivered by the party leaders, be it in the parliament/senate or in an electoral meeting, could be provided in the inbound IVR for listening by party supporters as well as any citizen. This will help connect to more and more people.

Recorded voice by party leaders could also be accessed by party workers for specific information from time to time.

4. Complaint Registration and Complaint Status.

Another important use of Inbound IVR is to record complaints, grievances by the electorate against party candidate or any other. This will make the party more and more transparent, democratic. Complaints can also be treated as feedback to the political party. Elected representatives from constituencies may have dedicated IVR number or menu for lodging any grievances. This can make party more popular among voters.

5. Conducting Polls/Surveys

Inbound IVR can also be used to conduct surveys/polls about any policy among its supporters. This kind of IVR survey or poll can also be used to allow electorate to choose their candidate for particular constituency. Mechanism like one Caller ID being allowed to vote only once could be implemented in order to prevent fraudulent voting.

This kind of anonymous voting/survey encourage grass root level party workers as well as general citizens to voice their opinions which may help party to choose right policy, right candidates!

Apart from listed above, I think inbound IVR could be used many ways by Political parties. So, most probably, it is time Political parties start using IVE beyond bulk voice messaging.

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  • Bhanu Sharma April 27, 2011, 1:00 pm

    nice one….

  • shivam May 11, 2011, 8:51 am

    hey howdy nce n informative collection…..can u jus help me to fig it out i want such ivrs system so that i can handle approx 10K clients and give them automatic informative message at a paticular time without any person operating the ivr system…….jus feed the msg n system automatically called the client. so tel me which one is best and hw much it costs

  • Phonon October 4, 2011, 12:01 pm

    you may contact phonon at http://www.phonon.in. Phonon provides outbound telecalling services and inbound hosted IVR services that can get your campaign started in minutes.

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