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Using IVR Software for pre-employment screening

With penetration of internet and easy access through mobile phones everywhere, usage of online job portal has also been growing. Like any other verticals of web-based business, initial screening of newly signed up subscribers becomes a necessity. Most of the time, this screening is done manually and often time consuming. But using a simple IVR software can automate this process which is not only faster, but also cost effective.

How IVR Software can be used for per-employment screening ?
After signing up in a website, a simple 6 digit code will be displayed which needs to be used to confirm his application of a particular job. Already registered member will not require to do this.
Then job seeker needs to call up an IVR number and verify this number, then she would record their name in voice. Once they record their voice, a random question will be asked related to the job he has applied for. Her reply would again be recorded in simple WAV format. After this he may be asked to record his education and past experience.

Now this recorded information and voice files will be forwarded automatically to the person responsible for recruiting for the job.

The above process is just an example how one may design an IVR software to automate screening of candidates for a job recruitment process.

Benefit of using IVR software:

There are many benefits of using a IVR software for pre-employment screening of prospective candidates.

1. It will confirm that the candidate is serious about applying for the job now that she has taken the all the trouble to call up, verify phone number as well as punch in verification ID.

2. This is complete automated process which is fast, saves time and can work round the clock.

3. IVR can be changed easily to suit as many job requirement by just changing questions accordingly.

4. Using IVR software, the response can be measured.

5. IVR Software can evaluate required criteria for a job without any manual intervention.


Apart from being an on-premise solution, this kind of pre-employment IVR software can be easily hosted and one can go for pay per usage model. Recruiting companies and online job portals can speed up their recruitment process by using IVR.

So its time job portals should start using IVR Software too, in their pre-employment screening of candidates! And if you know anyone who is already using such system, do comment below!

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  • Ankit Jain October 26, 2012, 3:48 pm

    VoiceTree Technologies is offering similar solution under the product name of mHire. Ref: http://v-t.in/xdr

    • Uttam Pegu October 26, 2012, 3:58 pm

      Hi Ankit,
      Thanks for the information and the link! I hope that solution is very beneficial for recruiting companies.

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